Tillmans’ Tranquils CBD Hemp Buds Review

Last updated on October 20th, 2023

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Pure, Natural Hemp Flower Buds Deliver the Most Natural CBD Experience

When I first learned about Tillmans’ Tranquils CBD products I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been testing and reviewing CBD products such as tinctures, lotions and vape juices for some time now, but I was unaware that you could buy CBD in its natural, unprocessed state; that being Hemp Flower Buds.

For the purpose of this review, I received complimentary samples of Tillmans’ Tranquils Hemp Flower Buds and Pre-Rolled Hemp Sticks.  As always, my comments and ratings are strictly my own.

What Are Hemp Flower Buds?

CBD Flowers

CBD Flower Buds

The hemp plant is used commercially for many purposes, but the buds are traditionally harvested and processed for use in CBD products. 

With CBD tinctures, concentrates, vape juices and lotions, the CBD is extracted, lab purified and added to the CBD product. 

Tillmans’ Tranquils is one of the few CBD companies that offers unprocessed Hemp Flower Buds harvested and sold in its natural state.

Is There a Difference Between Hemp Flowers and Hemp Buds?

Hemp Buds and Hemp Flowers are virtually the same thing. They are both part of the Hemp plant which is part of the Cannabis Species of plants. Hemp; however, unlike Marijuana, contains more than twice the amount of CBD and a nearly undetectable amount of THC. 

Each product described in this review is made with 100% natural Hemp flower buds grown in the USA. They may be unprocessed, but all products are still lab tested for safe use. All are perfectly legal and compliant with US Hemp laws. We also found it helpful that you can read product Lab reports before making any purchases.

Example of Tillmans' Tranquils Lab Report

Lab Report

What About the CBD Content?

Tillmans’ Tranquils flower buds contain significant amounts of premium, 99.99% pure CBD. Since there is less than 0.3% THC content, there’s nothing that will get you high.

You get only the potential benefits of all natural CBD, which are:

  • Pain Relief
  • Relaxation 
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Anxiety Relief


All Tillmans Tranquils’ CBD products are GMO Free and have no artificial ingredients. 

Additionally, it’s good to know there is no magnesium stearate, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), or gluten. All ingredients are 100% vegan-certified.

You can buy Tillmans Tranquils Hemp Flower Buds in the raw, or rolled into a stick that’s wrapped in organic hemp-based papers. Both versions are legal throughout the U.S. and available in several flavors.

Tillmans Tranquils Hemp Flowers in a Jar

Fresh from the farm to your home, Tillmans Tranquils Hemp Flowers are naturally harvested. Each jar contains 3.5 grams of hemp flower.

1- You can use it in a dry herb vaporizer. I always recommend the excellent MIG Kahn for a smooth, non-combustable vape. The buds are gently heated to produce a vapor, so there is never any smoke, flame or ash.  

2- You can crush the buds and use them in stews, salads, baked goods, or as you would use any herb. 

As Tillmans says..“How you use this incredible product is only limited by the imagination!” 

Three flavors are available:

Sour Space

Micropine CBD Haze

Sunshine CBD Haze

Pre-rolled Joints Are Also Available

Lady smoking CBD pre rolls

Tillmans’ Tranquils Rolled Hemp Sticks

Dare we call them “joints”? Well, they are crushed, rolled and wrapped in organic hemp-based papers. As mentioned, these CBD cigs contain only pure hemp flowers that are rich in CBD, so there’s nothing psychoactive.

All CBD pre-rolls contain American grown, lab tested hemp flowers. The hemp sticks are nested inside a tube to preserve cleanliness and freshness. To open, just squeeze the tube near the top and open the lid. The tube is also really handy for storing the partially smoked sticks.


Tillmans’ Tranquils Hemp Stick in 5 Flavors

There are five flavors:

  •  Micropine
  •  Honolulu
  •  Casino Cookies
  •  Sour Space
  •  Sunbeam CBD Haze

You can buy them separately or in a bundle of the three most popular flavors.

Specs & Features of Tillmans Tranquils Pre-Rolled Hemp Sticks

  • 1 gram of Hemp Flower in each stick 
  • 100% American Grown Lab Tested Hemp Flower
  • Hand trimmed & rolled in Organic Hemp Papers
  • Burns Slow, All Hemp


Wondering About All Those CBD Flavors and How They Taste?

Here’s Our Taste Test Review:

Micropine Haze – This earthy flavor delivers 190mg CBD in each stick. Heavy in the terpene Pinene, expect a very pine/forest-like aroma.

Honolulu – Despite the tropical name, Honolulu hemp flower bud has a grassy pine and sour lemon scent. You’ll get 70mg CBD in each stick.

Casino Cookies – This flavor delivers 100mg CBD in each stick. Don’t expect any sweetness. The scent is mostly an earthy, pine/lavender aroma due the terpenes Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Bisabolol and Humulene. We particularly recommend it for insomnia and pain relief.

Sour Space –  There is 100mg CBD in each Sour Space stick. The hemp strain features prominent pepper notes with background tones of fruit. Expect a sweet & sour flavor.

Sunbeam This variety delivers 190mg CBD in each stick. There are both citrus and floral notes in this flavor.


Tillmans’ Tranquils CBD Hemp buds are smokin’!.. literally. That said, you can use these all- natural, pure CBD herbs as you please. Smoke them, vape them in any vaporizer that is designed to take dry herbs, or add crushed buds to baked goods. You can even boil them to create a tonic. Feel free to get creative!

Hemp flower buds are proving to be a more natural way to get your daily dose of CBD as the natural flowers buds are sold without being processed.

The merits of CBD are now known to be potentially effective for alleviating pain, relieving stress and helping with insomnia. Although CBD is traditionally taken as a tincture, vaped, or eaten, Tillmans’ Tranquils offers natural CBD in two unprocessed forms, including Hemp Buds and Rolled Hemp Sticks.

We found both the Buds and Hemp Sticks were effective and fast acting, but there is only a subtle difference in the taste of flavors offered. If you enjoy the taste of cannabis, you won’t be disappointed.

Smoking the hemp sticks were a bit more fast acting than vaping the buds. Also, expect a stronger throat hit from the hemp sticks.

The bottom line is that Tillmans’ Tranquils Hemp Flower Buds and Hemp Sticks are uniquely versatile and can be a pleasurable way to enjoy CBD.

Have you tried Tillmans’ Tranquils hemp products? We’d love to post your review, so feel free to comment below! 



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