Meet Our Green Smoke Ultimate Kit Winners

Last updated on November 15th, 2021

Congratulations To Our Green Smoke Ultimate Kit Giveaway Winners

Laurie Watson, Anne Taylor and Sam Thomas

Thanks to everyone who entered this Giveaway!

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Thanks to everyone who entered this Giveaway! Here are our winners.

Laurie WatsonLaurie:  I’ve never heard of Green Smoke before but I’m excited to try it. Best E-Cigarette Guide is really informative!

Editor: We’re glad you found us too and we know you will love Green Smoke. Thanks for the kind words about our site too. We think it’s one of the best places to discover everything about e-cigarettes, including the best brands to choose…and you can win cool prizes!




Anne TaylorAnne:  This prize is for my dad.  We lost our mom in 2009 to cancer and dad has smoked everyday for over 50 years. I like that its a complete kit and contains everything that my dad will need to use it.  I think that e-cigarettes are a good tool to help people. As for your website…it’s well laid out, has crisp, clear colour and is full of easy to find information!

Editor: Thanks so much Anne. Green Smoke was one of the first U.S. electronic cigarette companies and it has a stellar reputation for product quality and safety. We hope your dad enjoys his new Ultimate Kit!



Sam ThomasSam: I really like the simplicity of the Green Smoke products. While I really enjoy some of the more advanced systems, sometimes you don’t want to bother with atomizers, filling a clearomizer, or even e-liquid spills! I’m looking forward to being able to grab the e-cig and go to town! This is an early Christmas present for myself!

Editor: You’re right. It’s not only more convenient, it’s more sanitary. How did you find this giveaway?

Sam: I follow lots of youtube channels dedicated to e-cig reviews, one of them was talking about Green Smoke and I wanted to know a little more about them. Quick Google search later and I stumbled on your website.

Editor: Have you ever heard of Green Smoke before this Giveaway?

Sam: I had heard about green smoke several times. The theater I work for has used Green Smoke e-cigs for stage props when a character has to smoke onstage, they look amazing and the glowing light at the bottom really sells it.

Editor: Have you tried e-cigarettes before? If so what brand and how was it?

Sam: I’ve been using e-cigs since March of this year. The first vaporizer I used was a simple Joytech system with a 400 mha battery and a simple 510 threaded atomizer, and I LOVED IT.  Around August it started to go out (battery problems) so I started looking for something else.  My next unit was the Halo Triton, and wow I love this unit! Much more powerful then my previous vaporizers and the tanks hold a ton of fluid! My most recent addition is a dual coil 510 atomizer. This is the best for really “waking up” the flavor in your ejuice.

Editor: What are your thoughts about e-cigarettes in general? Any thoughts about e-cig safety?

Sam: I think there is nothing better then an e-cigarette. These last few years have seen the whole vaporizing world just expand with so many choices, its easy to find the model that works best for you! I’ve been using my e-cig to quit smoking by slowly cut back on my nicotine intake and its working like a charm!

I think the safety has increased many times over because of the new press that they have received these last few years. People want to make sure that this alternative to smoking will not damage their health more then the cigarettes they just quit. I’ve always loved Halo’s e-liquid because they have really led the charge in making their fluid the highest quality on the market, everything is fully FDA approved and many of the ingredients are Pharmaceutical grade ingredients. With their example I’ve seen many other e-liquid vendors following in their footsteps.

Editor: I hope so too. We are seeing more e-cig companies that have serious safety and quality control. That certainly affects the way we rate products at Best E-Cigarette Guide.

Sam: I’ve always liked review sites that don’t waffle around. You have very clear and concise reviews that give me a very good “we tried it” point of view to the products.

Editor: Thanks so much Sam for taking the time to share your thoughts about Green Smoke and e-cigarettes in general and for giving us such a glowing review.

Enjoy your Green Smoke Ultimate Kit!

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Note: We must add that E-cigarettes are not yet advertised as a smoking cession product because they have not been appropriately tested by the FDA. That being said, it’s now been shown that people who vape e-cigarettes are more successful at quitting or slowing down than those who use other methods like nicotine patches. Here’s an article with that report:


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