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Do Smokers and Nicotine Patch Users Have Better Resistance Against COVID-19?

Do Smokers & Nicotine Patch Users Have Better Resistance Against COVID-19-Featured Image

Last updated on November 12th, 2021   Recent data points to the hypothesis that the proportion of smokers infected with the coronavirus is much lower than the rates in the general population. Renowned neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux from France’s Pasteur Institut, along with three colleagues has formed the hypothesis that nicotine can play a role in …

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List of Ecig Labor Day Sales – Best to Worst

Labor Day Sales Review Title image

Last updated on September 1st, 2023Happy Labor Day 2023! It’s another opportunity to save money on vape products and e-liquids; but are holiday sales really worth it? Frankly, I have mixed feelings, as some deals are definitely superior to others. Here’s the List of the Top Selling Vape Company Labor Day Sales, Along Comments and …

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Vaping Safer than Cigarettes? Substantial Comparison Leaves No Room for Doubt

Vaping Safer than Cigarettes Study

Last updated on May 16th, 2022 There Has Been Extensive Research on the Safety of E-Cigarettes Vaping being safer than traditional cigarettes is something we vapers always love to hear, and we’re even more thrilled when the statement is backed by solid evidence. Well, the evidence doesn’t get much more solid than it is in …

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CDC Claims Kids are Becoming Addicted to ECigarettes – Report Now Considered to be Skewed

Happy kids in Park

Last updated on September 5th, 2023  The Junk Science Emerges When the CDC/FDA Study on Youth and Electronic Cigarettes is Analyzed Back in 2014, the CDC and the FDA formulated a conclusion based on 2011 and 2012 surveys of middle and high school students in the US. The conclusion was that teen e-cigarette use had …

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The Coolest New E-Cigarette T-Shirt Designs

Vaper Guy Hero Electric Logo Vaper Design Studio tshirt

Last updated on November 14th, 2021UPDATE! Vaper Design Studio had closed.     I love all their designer ecig t-shirts in fact, I just bought the Vape Mo Juice t-shirt featured above. It’s very me, as I do have impeccable good taste in e-liquids. I must admit that it was a difficult choice, as I …

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Vapers Express Relief and Concern About FDA Proposed Regulations

Woman vaping an EGO style ecigarette

Last updated on November 14th, 2021In 2014, the FDA Ruled -No Ban on E-Liquid Flavors, But Companies Must Submit Product Reports Best E-Cigarette Guide believes that the FDA’s deemed proposals on e-cigarette regulations are positive. Although there are still some sticky issues, it appears the Agency has not fallen victim to the pressures of anti-ecig political and corporate …

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E-Cigarettes Face Crippling Legislation Yet Scientific Tests Show They Are Safe

vaping corruption

Last updated on June 17th, 2023 Regulators Continue to Ignore New E-Cigarette Safety Tests E-cigarette usage is growing exponentially while cigarette smoking is diminishing. Recent data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that after holding steady for several years, the smoking rate fell from nearly 16 percent of adults in 2016 …

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VaporZone E-Cigarettes Uses Shock Value in Super Bowl Commercial

Vaporzone Super Bowl Commercial

Last updated on November 3rd, 2023Here’s one way to get the public’s attention about E-cigarettes! This is the full 30-second commercial that aired in the Miami/Dade County area of Florida during the February 2nd, 2014 Super Bowl.          VaporZone is now Vaporfi – same great vaporizers and e-liquids!  

Switch to E-Cigarettes for Male Sexual Health and Improved Libido

Last updated on November 15th, 2021Does Smoking Affect Your Sex Life? You Bet It Does! For years, everyone thought cigarettes were sexy and if you smoked, you were too, but all that has changed. The smell of tobacco smoke on your breath is now very un-sexy as is lighting up a cigarette in bed after …

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