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Last updated on May 24th, 2022

CT1 by Next Mind Vape Pen Review and How to with man smoking and lots of vapor

The CT1 has been marketed as one of the most advanced, refillable all-in-one vape pod pens . Designed by Next Mind, this ultra portable mini vaporizer offered features never before seen in an open-system vape pod device.

The atomizer coil is, of course, replaceable, but Next Mind says it can be cleaned with the touch of a button. That’s quite a game-changer, since atomizer coils can get expensive. 

This review will cover the CT1’s product design, features, and the model’s Pros and Cons.

For the purposes of this review, we received the CT1 Vape Pen Kit, by Next Mind.

The CT1 Pod Vape Pen At a Glance


  • Comfortable Design – Small with Smooth Edges
  • Easy E-liquid Viewing Within Tank
  • Set Up is Pretty Easy
  • Tank Locks in Place and is Child Proof
  • Replaceable Ceramic Coil


  • A Bit Heavy for a Portable Vape Pen
  • Slow Draw, Particularly at Startup
  • Atomizer Burns Out Quickly
  • Cleaning Mode Did Not Work

Overall, this pretty little vape pen has many features vapers expect in an AIO pod vape. The problem is that the big feature – the cleaning mode, really doesn’t do the job. Also, it is a bit heavier than other mini vapes.


ct1 blue and black vaporizer


The CT1 is quite small and stealthy at just 3.7” x 1.0” x 0.8”. Despite the weight, I like the fact that the large 650 mAh battery holds a decent charge for such a small device.

The mouthpiece is smooth plastic, which means no sharp edges and no cold metal against your lips.

If you need to remove the tank for travel, you can seal it with the tank plug so there’s no leaking.

The CT1’s tank also allows you to view your e-liquid level easily, as the entire tank is in full view. It views best when you hold it in front of a light or computer screen.

Right now you can choose one of two pen colors, blue or black.

CT1 vape pod tank with 2 coils shown

When you get your CT1 kit here’s what you’ll receive:
The Next Mind CT1 Device which includes:
(1) 3.6ml Tank
(1) 650 mAh battery,
(1) 1.0 Ceramic Replacement Coil
(1) 1.2 ohm Ceramic Replacement Coil
(1) Silicone Tank Fill Port Seal (attached to tank)
(1) Micro USB Charging Cable
(1) Quick Start Guide
(1) User Manual
(1) Certificate of Passed Inspection


1- The first step in setting up your CT1 is to check out the quick start card and the manual.

Here are the next steps with my comments to make things even easier.

2- Your CT1 comes 90% charged, but it’s a good idea to put it on the charger for another hour before you use it.

CT1 Pod and atomizers

3- When you’re ready to vape, choose your preferred replacement coil, either the 1.0 ohm coil or the 1.2 ohm coil. There really isn’t much difference between these two high resistance coils. They will both give you a nice, flavorful vape that’s cool, not hot.

Read more about ecig atomizer ohm resistance.

I had to put on my glasses to read which coil was which, but the one with the red bands is the 1.0 ohm coil and the one with the blue bands is 1.2 ohms.

4- Remove the tank from the plastic bag. Before you can fill the tank, you have to twist off the plastic tank plug. Twist it firmly counter clockwise and remove it. Don’t throw it away – you’ll need it to store your tank or to travel with it.

5- You’ll see a little red silicone stopper plug covering the e-liquid chamber. When you open it, do it carefully because there’s a thin silicone tether that might snap if you pull the cover off too aggressively.

6- Fill the tank (slowly) with your favorite e-liquid. 50/50 PG/VG blends or those with a higher PG work best with the coils provided in your kit. High VG e-juice will work too, but you’ll gunk up the coils pretty quickly.

Make sure you don’t overfill the tank. When it’s filled, replace the stopper.

CT1 vape pen on quarts rock

7- Next, insert one of the replacement coils provided into the top of the battery (not into the tank). I know it seems weird, as most vaporizer tanks hold the coils. Not with the CT1…it goes on the battery.

Push the coil down into the battery hole so the bottom colored band enters into the hole. Then give it turn counterclockwise. Some find this the most difficult part of the set up because it takes some strength and the coil is very tiny.

8- Now that you’ve filled the tank and inserted the coil, attached the tank to the battery. The little tank posts fit into the battery slots. Twist the tank counterclockwise to lock it in.


There is a bit of priming you’ll have to do before you can vape; however, unlike traditional vaporizers there’s no hassle priming the CT1’s coil.

All you have to do is to take 5 -10 short inhalations. When the tank is primed, the vapor will start to flow. It took only 7 draws for me to experience smooth, full vapor.


  • DUAL Activation Modes

The CT1 is automatically activated as you draw. No buttons to push. That said, the kit indicates that the CT1 has dual activation modes. That basically means you can hold down the activation button when you draw, or you can forget the button and simply draw.

There are no instructions on setting a preferred mode, so I find that feature rather silly. Either method works and there’s no difference in vapor production.

Button activation is often preferred for child proofing a device. I’m surprised Next Mind made the tank child proof with it’s lock-in-place design, but they did not include a “turn off auto-draw” feature.

  • A Bit Slow to Draw

Once you’ve activated the CT1 and continue to vape, don’t expect to get an easy, quick draw on all puffs. I had to take pretty deep breaths to get full vapor. I was vaping one of Vaporfi’s e-liquids, but I suspect the draw would be similar with any e-liquid.

After several puffs the draw did become easier. I thought the delay was due to the atomizer getting fulling primed, however, I experienced slow draw again at the start of a new vaping session

  • Self-Cleaning Mode

To date, there’s no other vape pod pen that has a self cleaning mode. Next Mind’s CT1 device is the first to offer this feature and it may be unreliable at times.  Mind you, you still have to clean the plastic tank every so often.

NOTE: The CT1 tank is plastic, not glass. That means it’s harder to completely remove all traces of your previous e-liquid when you clean your tank and you’ll probably still smell the flavor. “Flavor ghosting” can occur when you refill the tank with a different flavored e-juice, so I recommend getting an additional CT tank which is both practical and economical.

Learn how to clean your vape tank correctly

As for the coil self-cleaning mode feature, it is very hard to activate. The manual was clearly not written by someone fluent in the English language. (The product is made in China). Since I have tested the feature successfully, I’ve rewritten the instructions as follows:

Step 1 – Remove the tank by turning it 60-80 degrees counterclockwise and pulling it off the battery. Get the tank plug that came with the kit, and screw it onto the bottom of the tank to keep it safe. Set the tank aside.

Step 2 – To activate the self-cleaning function, press the button on the battery 8 times within a 3 second period. The RED indicator light will blink for 30 seconds within this part of the cleaning period. You will see a bit of vapor smoke as the coil burns off the e-liquid residue.

Step 3 – Repeat Step 2 until there is no vapor coming off the coil. It’s recommended that you blow on the coil to quicken the process of evaporating the residue.

Caution: Do not touch the coil with your hand or put it in your mouth during the cleaning procedure! The coil gets very hot.

Step 4 – Install the tank as before and vape.

You’ll want to clean your tank this way every time you change out your e-liquid, or after 10 days of use. It’s the best way to avoid any lingering flavors and to keep things sanitary.

Wrapping Up This Review and How To

The CT1 Pod Starter Kit by Next Mind has more features than any other portable vape pod mod. It has the features of it’s strongest competitor, the Smok NOVA, plus a few extras like the self-cleaning mode and the replaceable coil – both of which can make the CT1 more economical (if you can get the self-cleaning mode to work!)

Since this vape pod is an open system, you can use your own e-liquid flavors and choose your own nicotine and PG level.

With the CT1 you only have to buy new coils, not new pods that come pre-filled with the company’s own e-liquids. While pre-filled pods are a convenience for many vapers, they can be expensive.

The CT1 is a nice little device, but it has too many downsides for me to give it a top rating. I didn’t think the self-cleaning coil was worked as it should, and the installed coil didn’t last as long as others I’ve tested. Also, inserting the coil can be a challenge.

With so many excellent open pod systems on the market, I’d have to recommend the Lost Vape Orion or the SMOK Nord over this model. 

Best E-Cigarette Guide’s Rating for the CT1 Vape Pod Kit

CT1 vape pen agains colorful background

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