Switch to E-Cigarettes for Male Sexual Health and Improved Libido

Last updated on November 15th, 2021

Does Smoking Affect Your Sex Life? You Bet It Does!

Smoking and impotenceFor years, everyone thought cigarettes were sexy and if you smoked, you were too, but all that has changed. The smell of tobacco smoke on your breath is now very un-sexy as is lighting up a cigarette in bed after having sex…but you already know that. 

What you may not know is that your libido decreases with every puff of tobacco smoke AND smoking also causes erectile disfunction. There are new as well as old studies that show it’s true. 

Impotent Information!

The British Medical Association now believes that smoking tobacco cigarettes is responsible for causing impotence in 120,000 men in the United Kingdom between the ages of 30-49. The BBC quoted Health Minister Tessa Jowell, who said she would put pressure on European health ministers to add clear labeling on cigarette packs. According to Jowell,

“It is important to communicate to the public the range of conditions that smoking causes, and most people don’t know that smoking can cause impotence”.

I would venture to guess, the statistics on impotence and smoking in the UK are similar in the U.S. and the rest of the world; in fact, a new Chinese study suggests suggests that smoking is as bad for your sex life as it is for your body. The three-year, 700-person study found that within six months of quitting, 53.8% of smokers being treated for impotence reported far fewer “problems” with erectile disfunction. For most men, performance is just as important as impotence. 

Can E-Cigarettes Improve Your Sex Life?

We at Best E-Cigarette Guide along with many other respected health organizations such as the NHS, UKMEDIX and VHI Healthcare think electronic, or “e”cigarettes can improve your sex life if you smoke.

We don’t need to see erectile dysfunction test results to figure out that smoking cigarettes affects your lung functions. If you get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs, you’re sexual stamina will suffer too.

High nicotine levels as well as the 4000+ toxins in regular cigarettes are the culprit. Although e-cigs may be purchased with nicotine, even the highest levels in e-cigarette filters are but a tenth of what you get from a burning tobacco cigarette. 

Electronic Cigarettes, unlike regular cigarettes (that really don’t belong in the bedroom) have no flame, no ash, no smoke, no unpleasant smell and they deliver a pleasant vapor instead of deadly tobacco smoke. If you want to know more about how they work, check out our e-cigarette 101 article

Millions of people worldwide have made the switch to e-cigarettes and those numbers are growing exponentially as people realize the effectiveness of this revolutionary smoking alternative. We suspect that the men who did switch are also enjoying more energy and a more satisfying sex life. 


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    Sexual performance aside….I had a hard time finding a decent date when I smoked. Now I’m admired for the fact that I quit smoking with the help of e-cigs. My girlfriends thinks it smells great too.

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