Amulet Smart Vape Watch Pod System Review

Last updated on November 27th, 2022

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UPDATE: This product is no longer available.

It’s a Watch! It’s a Pod Vape! Check Out the UWELL Amulet Pod System.

The UWELL Amulet Pod System is the first pod vape designed in the style of a watch. You can wear it, vape it and check the time and date. No, this smart watch doesn’t connect to your email or the internet, but when it comes to all-in-one vape pod portability, the Amulet pod watch is too cool. Certainly lot cooler than carrying your vape in your pocket or on a lanyard.

I received this device free of charge from International Vapor for the purpose of this review. As always, my reviews and comments are my own.



 • Unique vape/watch styling

 • Rotate the screen to wear it on either wrist

 • Lightweight

 • Rich tasting MTL vapor

 • Built in safety protections

 • Uses regular, nic salt or CBD e-liquids


 • Non-removable coil

 • Not easy to see e-juice in the pod


Nice Box

Amulet Pod Watch System in box

The Amulet Pod Watch in the Box. The USB cable and instruction manual is on the bottom level.

The Amulet pod system comes in a sturdy, well-padded box and includes everything you need, except your e-liquid.

You Get

  • Amulet Pod System
  • Replaceable cartridge (pre-installed)
  • Wrist strap (removable)
  • USB cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

There are a few plastic protection covers on the device. 

You’ll need to remove the one the bottom of the pod that covers the contact points and fill hole. The other covers the face of the watch and prevents scratches. You many want to keep this one in place if you’re worried about that.

An “Incomparable” Watch-Style Pod System

Yes, this is the first combination of a watch and a pod vape to hit the ecig market, so you might say it is “incomparable”.  I was a bit concerned that it would also be “uncomfortable”, but the rubber watch strap is flexible and the entire watch is very lightweight. I had to admit it looked pretty cool on my wrist.

Man's hand with Amulet pod watch

The Amulet displays the ohm resistance, battery level, time and date.

Compared to the lightest weight Aluminum Apple Watch Series 4 which has a case weight of 36.7g; the Amulet weighs only 26.7g.

Size-wise the Amulet’s Dimensions are 47.7 x 37.5 x 17.2mm.

You can even wear the watch on your left or right wrist as the screen rotates with a touch of a button. Just press the function key for 4 seconds.

Watch Those Features

Amulet pod watch function keys

Amulet Watch Pod Function Keys

The default screen view is big and bright. It shows the Time and Date which is set by using the Function key and the touch screen. 

I had to consult the instruction manual, as there are really no visible screen indicators. Even the manual doesn’t explain that those “touch” buttons are really just hot spots on the left and right of the screen. It does keep the design beautifully clean.

Charging the UWELL Amulet

Amulet Watch Pod while charging

Amulet Pod While Charging

The Amulet has a micro USB. That means you had better use the USB cable that comes with the kit. Most other pod vape chargers won’t fit. The device comes partially charged, so it only takes about a half hour to get it fully charged.

Although you should get through a normal day’s vaping on one charge, the 370mAh battery isn’t a powerhouse.  I was concerned at first, even considering it a downside, but it’s no big deal unless you’re a chain vaper.  I don’t recommend letting the battery run down too low, as it can take over an hour to recharge, which is not cool.

About the Pre-Installed Coil

The Amulet Pod has a pre-installed atomizer 1.6 ohm coil that is not removable nor replaceable. It does have a decent life; however, and I was able to refill my pod about 7-8 times before I needed to replace the pod. 

Replacement pods come in a 2 pack and will run you about $12 for the pair. They are a few dollars more than other replacement vape pods like the SMOK Novo, but you can’t wear the Novo on your wrist!

Refilling the Pod

filling the amulet pod

To Add E-Liquid, Open the Stopper on the Bottom of the Pod

Adding e-juice is easy and removing the pod takes 2 simple maneuvers. Press the mouthpiece gently to the back of the device, then pull up and away.

Pull open the rubber stopper on the bottom of the pod and add your juice. 

You can use any e-liquid; regular, nic salts or cbd e-liquids.

The instructions say you can use high VG juice, but that will wear out the coil pretty quickly, as the resistance is not sub-ohm.

Learn more about sub ohm vaping

Two important rules are to never overfill the pod and to wait a few minutes to allow the juice to saturate the coil. 

The Amulet pod is dark, so remember to check your e-juice level often. You don’t want to vape on an empty pod. It’s a quick way to burn the coil.

How Does the Amulet Pod System Vape?

The small pod is very stealthy and practically hides in your hand. The draw is automatic and very tight – good for mouth-to-lung vaping, (also my preference). 

As for the “ergonomic” mouthpiece, I found it a bit small, but my wife loves it. I guess I’m the big mouth. That said, the watch looks a whole lot better on my larger wrist. 😎

Regarding flavor, UWELL has this covered with their Pro FOCS flavor technology which regulates the heat temperature. I used one of the most popular Solace flavors – Sea Salt Blueberry with 25mg nicotine.

The vape was smooth and the grape flavor, intense. Vapor production was surprisingly good for the pod’s 1.6 ohm coil. No, you won’t win any cloudchasing contests with this one, but it’s what I’ve come to expect from a decent pod vape.

I will say, if I didn’t wait at least 20 seconds between hits, the mouthpiece would get a bit warm. 

The Amulet does has built in safety features that include:

  • an advanced circuit board to protect performance 
  • 8 second over-vape indicator
  • open circuit protection
  • short circuit protection
  • low power indicator
  • over temperature indicator


The Bottom Line

The UWELL Amulet Pod System is an all-in-one vape unlike any other. It brings a whole new meaning to the “ultra-portable vaporizer” as it doubles as a very stylish watch that also shows you the date and time. 

Not only is the design of this pod vape watch cool, the pod gives you a great vape and can accommodate just about any type of e-liquid.

Set up is a breeze and the built-in safety features make for worry-free vaping. I had no leaking or spiting after testing it for 10 days.

Although heavy vapers will find the modest 370mAh battery and 2ml pod requires more frequent charging and refilling, most vapers can go over a day without having to recharge or refill the device. In any case, the lightweight convenience of wearing your vape on your wrist more than makes up for it. 

The biggest downside for me was the minor inconvenience of having to disassemble the watch to charge it or add more juice. But hey, this is not your everyday pod vape. It’s a fashion accessory in a class of its own. I love wearing it and it certainly makes for a great gift.

My rating for the UWELL Amulet Pod System is 9.2. The innovation and high styling of the Amulet is so attractive I’ve given it a few extra points to make up for the small battery size and mouthpiece.

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    1. Hi Ethan,
      The Amulet Smart Vape Watch has been discontinued, so you can no longer buy it.

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