Aspire Nautilus – One of the Best Electronic Cigarette Tanks for Beginners and Mouth to Lung Draws

Last updated on February 9th, 2022

Aspire Nautilus Review

Aspire was one of the first companies to manufacture electronic cigarettes.  Even though the competitive playing field has expanded rapidly over the years to include other strong-branded companies such as Smok Tech, Eleaf, Joyetech, and Vaporesso, the Aspire Nautilus tank remains one of the best e-cigarette tanks ever made for beginners. It’s also great for vapers that prefer a mouth to lung draw. (More on that later!)

There are significant reasons for the Nautilus’ continued popularity with both vapers and vape shop owners worldwide. Here are the high-points:

bottom coil atomizer

1- Bottom Vertical Coils or BVC 

Aspire was one of the first manufacturers to figure out that bottom vertical coil (BVC) was superior to bottom dual coil (BDC) and top coil configurations.

What’s so special about a BVC Coil?

The BVC is a single vertical coil which provides better taste and vapor production.  Both the Nautilus and Nautilus Mini tanks have compatible coils. They are traditionally 1.8ohms of resistance allowing for a comfortable range of 8-13 watts of power in your e-cig.  As with many Aspire products, the Nautilus tanks are compatible other tank coils.  For example, you can use Triton Mini coils (another Aspire tank model) which offer 1.2ohms of resistance or 13-18 watts of power.  Other coil options include 1.8ohm Clapton (range 13-16W) and Nickel 1.5ohm coils (allowing for temperature control).

In 2017, Aspire came out with a new 0.7ohm coil; a mouth to lung draw that allows the vaper to increase the power of their electronic cigarette to 18-23 watts.  This is a game changer for the loyal Nautilus tank users because they can decrease their nicotine levels while increasing power levels.  Of course, higher power equals increased vapour production, a big plus for most vapers!

2 – Mouth to Lung Draw or MTL 

Many know that there are two types of draws, but few understand the difference.  MTL provides a resistance on the draw that simulates a traditional cigarette. This is a great feature for many beginners and it’s why so many love Aspire Nautilus tanks.

3 – Quality Construction 

The tank is made of Pyrex glass and stainless-steel hardware, providing a durable, solid construction.  It has a rounded glass top with a lip that screws solidly into the stainless-steel hardware. Many traditional cylinder tanks aren’t this sturdy.  Aspire also offers additional replacement tanks – one in stainless-steel and one with a hallowed-out sleeve that can be placed over the Pyrex glass to provide even more protection.

4 – Extra and Replaceable Parts 

Both the Nautilus and the Nautilus Mini include two BVC coils in the tank kit.  The larger Nautilus tank includes an extra Pyrex 5ml glass.  It also includes an eGo sleeve in case you want to run it on a pen style vaporizer.  However, both the Nautilus and the Nautilus Mini are best suited to larger mods that have a platform that doesn’t require the sleeve.  ALL parts are glue free and replaceable too!

Aspire tanks


5 – Mouthpiece 

The stainless-steel mouthpiece, more commonly referred to as a “drip tip”, has a unique narrow curved hourglass shape compared to the wide mouth tips most mods include.  Many beginners find this shape more comfortable when they are first switching from traditional cigarettes. Perhaps it’s because it complements the resistance of the draw.

6 – Airflow 

Although the tanks are designed for MTL draws, the base hardware has four options to control and adjust airflow. It just takes a quick spin of the base ring.  The hardware clicks, so you know you’ve successfully turned it to the next airflow level.

7 – Easy to Fill 

Because the model hasn’t changed since it’s inception, it remains a bottom fill tank. Yes, top fill tanks can be easier to use, but the Nautilus has an excellent wide base construction allowing for easy filling. You simply turn it upside down, unscrew the base and fill.

How Important is the Construction of a Tank?

I keep talking about the quality of the Aspire Nautilus construction, but if you take a closer look at the diagram below, you’ll see why each component is exceptional.

1. The base hardware has a much bigger, firmer, rubber gasket than most other tanks, and the top hardware adds great support to the Pyrex glass.

2. Note that the drip tip and all the other parts (aside from the atomizer/coil) can be taken apart for cleaning, and all parts are replaceable.

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3. The large 5ml glass tank of the Nautilus also means you’ll fill the tank less often.

Nautilus hardware


Specifications of the Aspire Nautilus:

The base is 22mm and fits best on any electronic cigarette or mod.  If you want to use it on a pen style vaporizer you’ll need to utilize the eGo sleeve that comes with the kit.

Aspire Nautilus tank

  • 510 Threaded Base compatible with all e-cigs and mods
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Uses the new BVC (bottom vertical coil) atomizer
    • 1 extra Replacement Aspire BVC 1.8ohm coil
  • Tank capacity = 5ml
  • Replaceable extra 5ml Pyrex Glass Tank
  • 510 compatible drip tip
  • Stainless Steel tank body with Pyrex Glass Tank
  • Resistance level compatibility = 1.8ohms 1.2ohms and 0.7ohms
  • 1x Beauty Ring for Ego Thread

The Aspire Nautilus Mini tank is smaller than the full size Nautilus with a tank capacity of 2 ml as opposed to the 5ml. The Mini fits better on the pen style vaporizer, but it doesn’t come with an extra glass. Replaceable tanks are easily available.

There isn’t a shop around that doesn’t stock either the Aspire Nautilus or the Aspire Nautilus Mini tank, and the product is also widely available online. Quality construction and ease of use make it a great choice for beginner vapers.

Have you tried Aspire Nautilus tanks? Please feel free to add your comments below!

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