BO One Ultra-Portable Pod Vape Pen Review

Last updated on November 14th, 2021


BO One Pod Vape Pen Review

UPDATE! Due to recent regulations on closed pod vape systems, THE BO ONE is no longer available. Check out our review of the refillable pod vape, the SMOK NORD.

One of the better Vape Pod pens I’ve tested is the BO One Pod Vape Starter Kit. This is an ultra-portable, high styled closed-pod vape system that’s designed by French company J Well. 

POD vape e-cigs are all the rage these days.

I’ve already reviewed the JUUL, which is also an all-in-one pod vape. Since it now faces stiff competition from a host of similar, easy-to-use vape pens, I had to check out this top competitor.

The BO One from BO Vaping is definitely a strong contender.

This review will cover the BO One’s product design, interesting features, and of course the model’s Pros and Cons.

For the purposes of this review, we received the Bo One Kit, along with (1) – 3-pack of Bo Caps (pods).

The BO One Pod Vape Pen At a Glance



  • Powerful 380 mAh Battery
  • Holds It’s Charge
  • Cool Shape
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Large E-liquid Window
  • Highest Quality Nicotine Salts



  • Only 1 Nicotine Level Offered
  • Starter Kit Has Only 3 Pre-filled Pods 
  • The Kit Offers Only 1 E-Juice Flavor Choice
  • Atomizer May Not Last as Long as the Pod


Overview of the BO One

The BO One ultra-portable pod pen is a high quality, all-in-one, pre-filled vape pod system. 

If you’re new to Pod Vape pens, the BO One is what’s called a “closed system”. The e-liquid is conveniently contained within the flavor pod so you never have to refill it. No mess, no fuss. Just pop it in and vape.

The large pods are economical and they do produce outstanding vapor. 

The powerful battery lets you vape for a day without recharging, and the taste of the 35mg nic salts e-juice is very refreshing.

For the most part the BO One is a nice alternative to the JUUL. I was sorry that the starter kit came with only one flavor to try out. Still, some vendors sell it for the same price (or more) and don’t include any pods in the kit.

The throat hit was perfect for each flavor and I did not experience any burnt taste, even when the pod was nearly empty.


Best-E-Cigarette-Guide’s Rating


  • 1 Standard Express Battery
  • 3 x Prefilled BO One E-liquid Caps (Kiwiberries Ice)
  • 1 x USB Charging Dock
  • Easy User Diagram (without any written instructions)



  • 380 mAh Built In Battery
  • Each pod holds 1.5 ML of E-liquid
  • LED Battery Life Indicator
  • Draw Activated Firing
  • Gold Plated Magnetic Connection
  • Anthracite Ceramic Finish
  • Height – 10 cm
  • Weight – 22 grams


Packaging and Product Design


BO One Packaging

The BO One Kit comes nicely nested in foam compartments within a small cardboard box.

What differentiates the BO One from other vape pod pens is the unique design and power. 

When you order your BO kit you get a choice of battery design. There are three color styles offered:


1- Ceramic Gray is the most discreet color. I like it because it contrasts nicely with the black flavor pod.

2 – Black Soft Touch – Simple black with a brushed flat black finish.

3 – Street Art  – Choose this trendy design if you like your vape pen graced with skulls, and shoes with gunky soles.

The pen has a cool new shape that was designed in France. It’s still as lightweight and as portable as other vape pod pens, but it has this unique edgy profile that feels good in your hand.

Not Just Another Pretty Mini Pod Vape

  • The BO One has a pretty powerful battery for such a small vape pen. The battery is 380 mAh compared to the 200 mAh offered on competing devices. That means longer vaping sessions between charges.
  • The device charges in only 15 minutes. Competitors take at least 25 minutes and sometimes up to 90 minutes.
  • Each pod holds 1.5 ML of liquid compared to the competition’s 0.7 or 1.0 ML.
  • It also has an easy to read e-liquid window. Hey, you can actually see most of the juice in your Pod!

With some vape pod devices, like the Kandypens RUBI you have to keep removing the Pod to check your reserve. I’ve learned that this can potentially loosen the Pod, and compromise the connection to the battery.

BO CAPS and Flavor Selection

BO Caps 3 Flavors

BO Caps  – 3 Flavors Shown

Your BO Starter Kit will come with 3 “BO CAPS”. Each holding 1.5 ml of e-liquid. This is more than double the capacity of other vape pods. These 3.5% nicotine salts e-liquid pods are pre-filled with Fresh Kiwiberries Ice vapor liquids. The PG/VG ratio is 50/50 comparable to other closed pods.

Nicotine salts are not only considered to be the more “natural” form of nicotine, they are less harsh than traditional “freebase nicotine”.

Read: All about Nicotine Salts

That said, I have to report that I really do like the Kiwiberries Ice e-juice. It’s a fresh, fruity flavor. 

BO Cap Flavors:

When you re-order your BO Caps, you can choose from four other flavors. 

  • Fresh Cut Tobacco
  • Fresh Mango 
  • I See Mint Ice 
  • Jelly Mixed Berries with Buttered Toast

I’ve yet to try them all, but I did enjoy the Kiwiberrie and the Jelly Mixed Berrie (both quite fruity but not overpowering). You can be reassured that all flavors are free of such additives as diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and ambrox for the ultimate in purity and safety.

Nicotine Selection 

Although I didn’t really have a choice, I liked the 35mg nicotine level. I could vape longer without worrying that I was getting too much of a good thing. 

BO One Caps come in only one nicotine level – 35mg (3.5%). It’s not as high as JUUL’s 50mg, but it’s still packs a punch. The great thing about nicotine salts is that they allow for a much smoother draw.

Charging This Pod Vape

Bo-pen and-usb-charger

BO One vape pen and charger

The BO One comes with a magnetic USB charger base that’s shaped to fit the pen’s unique design. I think this innovation is a huge plus. 

Since the BO vape pod pen has a more powerful battery than others in it’s class, there’s no chance you’ll get it mixed up with another mini pen’s charger base.

It’s always smart to charge any vaping device with the charger that comes with the kit. This is not only for safety reasons – the device will charge as it should.

The BO One takes only 15 minutes to charge. I suspect it’s due to the gold plated battery connectors. 

Expect to get 350 puffs before you need to recharge it.

LED Display

When your BO is fully charged, it will display a Blue light on the front of the battery when you take a draw.  If your charge is running low, the LED light will turn White. If it turns Red, it’s nearly empty.

When you place the device on the charger, you’ll know it’s fully charged when the LED light goes out.


Wrapping Up My Review of the BO One Ultra-Portable Vape Starter Kit 


  • Classy French Design
  • Everything is automatic, including the draw activated firing
  • Easy to Use
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Lightening Fast Charging
  • Large Pod Capacity
  • Viewable E-liquid Window


  • Limited E-Liquid options compared to open-system devices
  • Limited Nicotine levels



Bo One Pod Vape Pen

Best-E-Cigarette Guide’s Rating

To sum it up, I’d say the the BO One Starter Kit is one of the best closed-end portable vape pens I’ve tested to date. 

This stylish pod system vape pen is so convenient. There are no buttons to press because everything is automatic, including the draw activated firing. There’s a fast heat up time (upon first puff) of only 5 seconds. 

The BO One is priced on par with others in its class, but you can confirm the current price and check out other user reviews before you purchase. You’ll get Free Shipping too.

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