Davinci MIQRO Review-Ultra Portable Vaporizer for Cannabis

Last updated on August 3rd, 2022


Davinci MIQRO – Ultra Pure Mini Vaporizer for Cannabis and Other Herbs

Davinci, the company that created the “status symbol” herbal vaporizer has released the ultra-portable MIQRO.

This little brother of the sophisticated (and costlier) Davinci IQ, which I also reviewed, is now available to discriminating cannabis users who appreciate the advantages of vaping their herbs rather than firing them up with a flame. 

Why Smoke When You Can Vape?

Of course, there are many loose leaf vaporizers on the market, but in my opinion, few come close to Davinci quality. Not only do their vaporizers give you a purer, cooler, safer vaping experience, they are styled and engineered to perfection.

Best Features of the Davinci MIQRO

Davinci Miqro Vaporizer in Glove

FREE Glove and Extra Battery with MIQRO Vaporizer!

The MIQRO has the same precision temperature settings and zirconium ceramic air path as the IQ, but it is 31 percent smaller, so it’s ultra-portable. What I liked best about this stealthy device is that you can use less herb for shorter sessions thanks to the adjustable Oven Pearl.

Since it’s less expensive than the IQ, I was surprised to learn that the MIQRO Kit also comes with a wider range of accessories.


Here’s What’s In the MIQRO Kit – Plus Added Information 

Davinci Miqro Kit

1- Davinci MIQRO – Color choices are Onyx, Graphite, Cobalt, Rust or Amethyst

1- Carry Can – Great for holding your stash, and it adds to the ‘stealthiness’ of the kit. No suspicious odors.

1- Glove – The vented design is not only attractive, it keeps the metal case cool. The oven does get warm if you’re vaping for more than a minute or two.

1- Grinder Card – This makes it easy to prepare your herbs. Just rub them over the grate. The card is small enough to fit in your wallet.

1- 18350 900 mAh Battery – Charges while in the MIQRO using the USB cable, or alone, using an external charger. When using the USB charger, MIQRO takes about 90 minutes to fully charge, but it’s worth the wait.

1 – USB Cable – Charge alone or while vaping. (pass-through method).

1- 10mm Extended Mouthpiece – Gives you a cooler vape and doubles as a 10mm Water Tool Adapter.

1- Mouthpiece Gasket

1 – Tools – For removing the battery, packing and cleaning.

4- Alcohol Wipes

1- Adjustable Pearl Post and Gasket – For packing in your herbs. Great for adjusting bowl size up to 50%.

1- Carry Case

1- Owner’s Manual

The MIQRO’s Size and Temperature Settings

This little herb vaporizer is ultra-portable. I’m getting tired of carrying around larger vaporizers, and that includes those made for e-liquids. It’s also why I’m writing more pod vape reviews.

Okay, the MIQRO is bigger than a pod vape. It measures 3.13” tall, 1.34” wide and 0.91 deep. That said, it’s still one of the smallest, high-quality vapes for cannabis and other essential herbs. (yes, Davinci sells essential herbs too).

Not only is the MIQRO small and low profile, the size doesn’t compromise the way it cooks your herbs, which is slowly, for maximum flavor.

The MIQRO has precision temperature settings and 4 smart paths. Wondering what a Smart Path is? It’s a feature that lets you gradually adjust the temperature of your vape session automatically. You can set it to go from 350F to 430F during a single session. It’s easy to do using the Davinci App – finally available for iPhones as well as Android mobiles. Frankly, I don’t use it.

You can easily change from Smart Paths to precision temperature control (which I prefer), or to Boost mode.

You can also lock in your preference and use a standby mode to save energy.

Unlike some advanced MODs, I found it easy to navigate all the modes and Smart Path buttons.

Your settings are displayed by the rows of tiny lights on the front of the device. Very cool.

Flavor and Safety

Davinci is famous for the way their vaporizers are able to produce truly outstanding flavor. The slower cook time is one reason, but the zirconium ceramic air path also produces a cooler vape.

Davinci Miqro vaporizer zirconium ceramic vapor path - best-e-cigarette-guide.com

That means it’s safer, as the lower temperature eliminates the chance of harmful byproducts.

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Filling the Chamber

Miqro vaporizer with pearl and chamber

Really simple,.. just use the grinder card to crush your herbs and pack them into the oven using the tool. The MIQRO works best when the chamber is full, but the model’s adjustable Pearl fills the gap. There’s no need to buy a glass spacer accessory as in the larger IQ model.

After each vape session, clear out the cooked herbs. You can use them again in cooking recipes if you’re creative, as they will still be somewhat potent…or just throw them away.

Cleaning Your MIQRO

Mini vapes are always a challenge to clean because the tanks and fill holes are so small. Whoever designed the MIQRO knew that if the zirconium ceramic path wasn’t keep pristine, the vape’s star attraction would be compromised.

Thankfully, cleaning this ultra portable vaporizer is easy. The kit comes with a tool and soft pipe cleaners which do the job.

I also use a q-tip dipped in Vodka to clean the mouthpiece, oven and air path as alcohol can leave a nasty taste.

Davinci Micro battery compartment

The air path is accessible from the top of the vaporizer, near the battery. Just open the door and use the handy tool to lift out the ceramic air chamber.

You can also use the pipe cleaners to wipe out the pathway.

Wrapping Up This Review

Davinci’s long awaited MIQRO may be the Ferrari of personal vaporizers, but the price is right. All of us at best e-cigarette guide think it’s the ideal cannabis and herb vaporizer out there, and everything you need (except of course, your herb) is included in the kit.

Because of it’s compact, stealthy size, the vaporizer is perfect for single sessions. Weighing only 104 grams, it’s easy to carry in your pocket or purse.

I’ve tried other loose-leaf vaporizers, but if you want a smoother, cooler vape, Davinci has a superior design.

Their iconic zirconium ceramic air path also ensures pure flavor without fear of harmful byproducts that can be produced by plastic or metal parts.

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Davinci Micro Kit-review

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