ECigarette Vaporizer with Atomizer Control Options: The Vaporfi Pro

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Vaporfi Pro 3 -

Battery Power, Performance and Atomizer ohm Control Options

If you’re ready for an e-cigarette vape pen that gives you super battery power, outstanding performance and awesome vapor production, I recommend the Vaporfi Pro 3 Starter Kit – now available in eight colors. This easy to use vape pen is great for both beginner and intermediate vapers. I purchased my Pro 3 back in 2014, and I still love it.

The Vaporfi Pro 3 is a great way to experience mouth to lung vaping. MTL technology gives you a traditional smoking experience that is better than other vape products.

Vaporfi is best known for it’s wide selection of exceptional e-cigarette vaporizers, but the Pro 3, priced at mid range has been designed for added function and power. It also has a stunning design and a wide color selection for both the tank and battery. 

The Vaporfi’s Pro 3 is Also Powerful

The Pro powerful battery is 1000mAh, and 3.7 Volts. As Vaporfi says, you should expect, “ridiculously amazing performance, and plenty of control options.” After testing the Pro 3 I was in agreement. 

The vapor produced is huge and you can expect your battery to last for days depending on your vaping habits. 

The great part about the Pro 3 Kit is that it comes with an addition 2.0ohm atomizer.  If you’re not up on what ohms are, they basically affect the way the coil heats up to evaporate your eliquid. Ohm resistance also determines the amount of vapor production and throat hit. The atomizer that comes with the kit will give you full vapor and excellent flavor. 

Read more about atomizer ohm resistance

Here’s What You Get with Vaporfi’s Pro Starter Kit

  • 1 Pro 3 Tank (with pre-installed 2.0ohm Atomizer)
  • 1 Pro 3 1000mAh Battery
  • 1 Additional Pro 3 2.0ohm Atomizer
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 4 Pack of O-Rings
  • Instruction Manual

Here are the Specifications: 

  • 2.5mL Tank Capacity
  • Battery Capacity 1000mAh
  • Battery Voltage 3.5 volts
  • Atomizer Resistance 2.0ohm
  • Top Fill Tank Design (no mess 🙂
  • Pyrex Glass Section
  • No-Spill Coil Swap System
  • Over Heating Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • USB Wall Charger Adaptor 100-240V Input, Output 5V

Safety Vaping Included

Vaporfi is known for it’s quality products and safety features. The battery will never overheat unless you decide to leave it in the hot sun or on a hot surface. (Don’t do that).

What I especially liked about the wall charge adapter is that that the company logo is clearly displayed so you can distinguish Vaporfi’s charger from other brands you may own.

A Word About Their E-Juice

I have quite a collection of eliquid flavors from Vaporfi, and  Kind Juice, to name a few eliquid brands, but Vaporfi’s eliquid bottles have the most sensible tips. They’re really thin, so they fit easily into the proper loading location of your tank. You have to keep the e-juice from dripping into the center of the atomizer which is almost impossible to do with regular sized bulb dropper.

I recommend you check out the over 30,000 e-liquid combinations of eliquids you can order. 

Best E-Cigarette Guide’s Rating for the Vaporfi Pro 3


Vaporfi Pro 3 -



  • Powerful battery
  • Lots of cool colors you can mix and match with cartomizers
  • Outstanding vapor production
  • Compatible with other tanks and atomizer


  • Not the easiest tank to take apart and re-assemble


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