Lost Vape Orion 40W DNA Go Vape Pod Kit Review

Last updated on June 17th, 2023

Orion 40W DNA Go Vape Pod Kit Review


The Lost Vape Orion is no longer available. Check our review of the Top 5 Mini Mod Vaporizers.

Pod Mod That Combines a Mini Mod With a Portable Pod Vape

Here’s my honest review of the Lost Vape Orion 40W DNA Go Vape Pod System. You’ll also get a detailed tutorial on how to use all the features on this portable, innovative pod mod.

Mini mods are becoming almost as popular as pod style vape pens with new products emerging monthly. We’ve reviewed several other mini box mods and they’re all great for portability; however, some fall short on features like setting the temperature or allowing for refillable pod cartridges. Enter the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go 40W Pod System. Whether you call it a Box Mod with a Pod, or a Pod System with the features of a Mod, this this mini vaporizer gives you the best of both worlds.

I was sent a kit from International Vapor – greatly appreciated! As always, my reviews are based on my own tests and opinions.

First Impressions of the Orion 40W DNA Go

Lost Vape Orion 40W DNA Pod Vape Mod in Ocean Scallop Silver

Lost Vape Orion 40W DNA Pod Vape Mod in Ocean Scallop Silver

I received the Ocean Scallop Silver color shown in the above photo.

This little vape pod mod weighs less than 87 grams and measures 93 x 37 x 13.5mm. It’s light for a mini mod and heavier than other portable pod vapes. It fits nicely in pocket or purse and it doesn’t leak!

The overall appearance of the Go is very classy and it’s loaded with features, but don’t expect any “snap together” magnetic doors and pod connections. 

Although it’s called an AIO (all-in-one) some dealers sell the battery separately from pods. I received a complete starter kit, that including everything I needed, except for e-juice.

You can order your kit with either a .05ohm or .25ohm pod. I tested both, using Vaporfi’s strawberry vape juice with a 50/50 PG/VG blend in the .05 pod and DirectVapor’s Red Koi CBD vape juice in the .25 pod.

Once I set my preferred wattage and airflow, I got an incredibly smooth, flavorful vape with both pods and flavors. There wasn’t any harshness and I got just the right amount of throat hit. 

The nice thing about open pod systems is that you can fill your pod with your own e-liquid. Some closed system pod vapes may be lighter in weight, but you’re at the mercy of the manufacturer’s e-juice. For example, I enjoyed the Kilo 1K (which I recently reviewed), but some of the pre-filled pods were too harsh for my liking.

That said, what I liked best about the Orion Go, is the Evolv DNA GO chipset, (which I describe later in this post). It really makes the Go one of the most advanced AIO pod systems.

Lost Vape Orion 40W DNA Go box and packaging

Inside the box of the Lost Vape Orion 40W DNA Go box


The DNA Go Kit Includes:

1  Lost Vape Orion 40W DNA Go

2  Lost Vape Orion DNA Pods (your choice of 0.5 ohm or 0.25 ohm)

1  Lost Vape Orion Lanyard

1  MicroUSB Cable

1  Instructional Manual

Here’s Our Detailed Review and How To of the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go 40W Pod/Mini Mod Starter Kit

Lost Vape Orion Go Infographic describing buttons and light lndicators

Lost Vape Orion Go Infographic describing buttons and light lndicators.

Key Features of the Orion DNA Go:

  • The device takes either a 0.25ohm Pod (for full vapor), or a 0.5ohm Pod (for more flavor). The Pod Resistance Level is written on the bottom of the Pod. You’ll see either SS 0.25Ω  or  SS 0.5Ω.
  • You also get Airflow Control. Adjust the flow by turning the dial just under the mouthpiece. Set it for less air to get Mouth-to-Lung vaping or more air for a smoother vape and Direct Lung vaping.

Note: Direct Lung vaping can be intense and may make you cough.

  • You’ll get state-of-the-art temperature control with the 40W DNA Chipset


Battery Design

4 Lost Vape Orion 40W DNA Go colors

Four colors from which to choose

The Lost Vape Orion DNA Go 40W Pod System has four elegant carbon panel designs for the battery –  Black, Abalone Gold,Carbon Fibre Black, Ocean Scallop Silver and Carbon Fibre Blue.

The battery’s power is 950mAh so it can last over a day before you need to recharge it. When you first get it, it will be almost fully charged, so I recommend putting it on the charger for another half hour. 

The USB charger port is located behind a little door at the bottom of the battery. Because it’s located at the side of the box, the door enhances the continuity of the design.

Refillable Pod Cartridge Design

Unlike other Pod System vapes, the DNA Go’s pod is big! It holds 3ml of e-liquid, so you don’t have to refill it very often.

As mentioned, there are two types of Pods – each with different coil resistances. If you choose the 0.25ohm SS316L coil, you’ll get more vapor production, while the 0.5ohm SS316L Coil will give you better flavor production. It’s up to you. Replacement pods are currently less than $12 so at that price you can experiment.

Filling the Pod is Easy!

  • The first time you use the pod, remove the protective tape from the bottom.
  • Unscrew the cap and fill the pod with your favorite vape juice.
  • Screw the cap back on.


Attaching the Pod is a Little Trickier, but Hardly Difficult ;)

How to attach and remove Lost Vape Orion Go Pod


Align the pod and battery’s metal connectors. Pull down and hold the sliding pod lock button on the side of the mod while you press the pod in place. Release the button. Removing the pod uses the same action.

Note, you will need to prime the atomizer coil to make sure the cotton wick is fully saturated. 

Priming Your Vape

First – Turn on the device by clicking the round Activation button 5 times within 2 seconds.

Second – Prime the atomizer coil by taking 5 long draws without using the round fire button. Don’t overdo it by drawing too heavily or too long, as that can flood the coil.

Choose Your Wattage

I recommend you start by using the Low Power Setting. Settings are changed with the Adjustment button located on the bottom of the side panel. 

Press the button 1 time to select or switch your power levels.

Each setting displays a different color -Low (White), Medium (Blue), High (Red).

Start vaping, taking shorter hits for the first 10 puffs. Increase the power and the length of your puffs gradually until the vapor becomes dense. When this happens you can re-adjust the power setting if needed.

Don’t forget to also adjust the airflow dial, as it will affect your vape. The airflow dial is right under the mouthpiece.

When you find the perfect setting, you lock it in with the Replay Feature.

What is Replay and How Do You Use It?

When you’ve found your perfect temperature mode, hold down the Adjustment button for 3 seconds. It will turn Green, meaning that your setting is now locked.

Now your device will always return to your chosen settings so you get the exact flavor and warmth you programed.

You can disable it or adjust the setting to a different level by holding the Adjustment button for 3 seconds.

About the Lost Vape Orion 40W DNA Chipset


Evolve 40W DNA chipset

All the e-cig controls on the Orion 40W DNA Go are driven by a circuit board called the DNA Chipset. Made by Evolv, the company who released the first “variable wattage” vaporizer, the DNA Chipset limits the temperature to a range where harmful chemicals like acrolein and formaldehyde are not being produced in appreciable amounts.

The Replay mode wouldn’t be possible without the DNA chipset. It prevents dry hits and will definitely extend the life of your pod. Typically, atomizers last two weeks to a month, depending on your device and usage.

My pod lasted two weeks, but I kept my settings on low, (after testing the other levels) and locked it in with Replay. Don’t expect your pod or battery to last long if you chain vape without Replay.

The DNA chipset is a groundbreaker for pod system vapes, and I have to say, when it comes to “easy-to-use” temperature control features, the Lost Vape Orion Go rivals all others.

What Type of E-Liquids Should You Use in the Lost Vape Orion Go?

Since the Pods are both sub-ohm resistance (either .05 or .25), I wondered whether I needed a high VG blend of e-juice. Well, I did not. Although some sellers recommend using nicotine salt e-liquid, you can use anything you like – regular e-liquids, high VG e-liquids, even CBD e-juices.

Lost Vape suggests using your nicotine salt e-liquid in the 0.5ohm flavor Pod, and using regular e-liquids or CBD e-liquids in the .25ohm Pod.

How to Check the Battery Level


Battery Light Indicators on Lost Vape Orion Go

Pressing the round Fire Button 2 times quickly will display your battery level with a colored light, seen just above the adjustment button.

If your battery is less than 15%, the red light will flash and your device will shut off.

Boost Mode and More

If you hook your device up to the Evolv/Escribe software, you can set even more customizations. One is the Boost Mode that lets you raise the power of your vape to 40 watts.

Want to get creative and change the color of the indicator lights? You can! The software lets you choose from a wide variety of colors.

I was pleased to learn that this software application is available for all operation systems.

How to Use the Orion Go’s Lanyard

You get a lanyard with your Go kit that’s convenient for hands-free easy access to your pod vape.

Lost Vape Orion Go pod mod with lanyard attached

Lost Vape Orion Go pod mod with lanyard attached

The rubber device holder found in your kit is separate from the lanyard. First slide the holder onto the battery, then thread the end of the lanyard (as shown above) into the holder.

Wrapping Up My Review 

Lost Vape Orion pod vape in hand

The Lost Vape Orion DNA Go 40W Pod System combines the portability and simplicity of a pod system with the power and advanced settings of a box mod. It’s the first Vape Pod Mod to include a DNA Go chipset.

Setting it up is easy – far easier than larger Temperature Control Mods. 

You get 3 Power Outputs: Low (White), Medium (Blue), High (Red) PLUS a boost to 40W using the Evolv/Escribe software. Just download the software from Evolv and connect your Go to your computer or mobile device.

Each pod lasts between 6-14 days depending on usage, power levels and your type of e-liquid.

My battery lasted for 2 days! Recharging is pretty quick – under half an hour.

Expect to get about 450 Puffs Per Charge due to the powerful 950mAh Rechargeable Battery.

There Are Lots of Safety Features Too

  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Weak Battery Protection
  • Temperature Protection
  • Low/High Resistance Protection

Combining elegant styling, multiple settings and the convenience and portability of a vape pod, the Lost Vape Orion 40W DNA Go is a real winner.

Please Note -The Lost Vape Orion is no longer available.

I hope you found this review and tutorial helpful. Let us know in the comments.

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    • Debra Fustolo on April 27, 2020 at 10:39 am
    • Reply

    Why would my am on board is not working. It shows green for a minute I can taste the liquid but it’s not working. I have tried charging it. But I do not have the original charger. I’ve had this for over 1 years with no problems

    1. Hi Debra,

      Sorry to hear you are having problems. I can only assume it is not fully charging because you are not using the original charger. We always recommend you use the charger that came with your kit, not only for best results but for safety against thermal runaway which can cause explosions. I suggest you buy another charger from the manufacturer.


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