Meta Drop Rechargeable, Disposable Vape Review

Last updated on October 13th, 2023

Meta Drop Rechargeable Disposable Vape

IMPORTANT! THE META DROP IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. WE RECOMMEND THE VAPORESSO XROS NANO 3. It’s a very well-made, ultraportable, rechargeable, refillable vape!


The MetaDrop Bar combines the most popular features in a vape. It’s easy-to-use, ultraportable, long-lasting, and very affordable.

The most outstanding features in this sturdy little Meta Drop Bar, is that it is a disposable vape that’s also rechargeable. There’s no refilling, as the Meta Drop Bar comes pre-filled with your preferred e-liquid flavor, (and you get a choice of 10 flavors).

The package claims you’ll get about 6000 puffs. Most vapers vape for days before the e-liquid runs out. I wasn’t counting my puffs, but I vaped for several days before the e-liquid ran out.

I’ve tried, and reviewed disposable vapes on and, but this is the first rechargeable disposable vape I’ve tested. My thanks to International Vapor for sending me samples for this review! As always, my reviews are unbiased, and strictly my own.

While I do have my flavor favorites, the 650mAh battery, kept me satisfied to the last drop!
There are lots of great flavors from which to choose. We tested them all. I list my Flavor Reviews later in this post.


MetaDrop rechargeable, disposable box showing Mango Ice flavor

The Meta Drop Bar comes in a color-coded box. The device, itself, is sealed in a plastic covering. There’s a rubber safety seal on the mouthpiece that you remove before vaping. The USB port comes covered with a white sticker, which you remove for charging. There is no USB cable included in the kit, but the device takes a USB-C cable.

How Does the Meta Drop Rechargeable Disposable Vape Look and Feel?

Metadrop Bar Mango Ice rechargeable, disposable vape

The new design is very sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking if you drop it. Smooth and shiny, each flavor is color-coded, and the flavor is also written on the vape.

Charging the Meta Drop Bar

The Meta Drop Bar takes a state-of-the art USB-C cable with an output wattage of at least 14 watts. The cable is not included in the kit, but it is available on-line.

Type C Charger Cable

USB C-Charger Cable

You can charge the Meta Drop Bar on your computer. Most computers have USB C ports.

USB 3.0 TYPE-C Port

USB 3.0 TYPE-C Port

If you choose to charge your Meta Drop Bar using a wall outlet, you may also need a USB-C Power Adapter. This adapter is easily available on-line.

USB 20W USB-C Power Adapter

USB 20W USB-C Power Adapter

Flavor Reviews for the Meta Drop Rechargeable Disposable Vape

As mentioned, this vape comes in 10 flavors. They include:

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol Freeze Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Ice Menthol
  • Mango Ice
  • Cool Mint
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Peach Ice
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Strawberry Watermelon

I tested all 10 Flavors. You may need to take 2 puffs to get it going. I recommend taking a small puff and holding it in your mouth for a few seconds before inhaling it. This is known as “mouth-to-lung” vaping.

Tobacco – This is one of the best tobacco flavors around! It’s true to taste, and there is no harshness.

Menthol Freeze Tobacco – The flavor is also true to taste and very mellow. There’s just the right amount of menthol.

Strawberry Banana – You can taste both flavors, it’s very smooth, and it’s a well-balanced mix.

Mango Ice – Here’s a truly satisfying mix of delicious mango with a hint of ice.

Cool Mint – If you like peppermint, this flavor does not overpower, and is quite refreshing.

Ice Menthol – This is the most intense of all the flavors I tested. Very cool tasting and without any burn.

Menthol – Not harsh at all, this is a pure menthol vape.

Strawberry Watermelon – If you’re a summer flavor fan, you’ll enjoy this one. It’s a perfect balance of those juicy fruits.

Peach Ice – This is quite icy, and very peachy. This flavor has equal amounts of ice and peach.

Blueberry Ice – You’ll get the perfect blend of tasty blueberry with a nice chill.

The Meta Drop Bar flavors are all excellent, and very satisfying.

Remember, individual taste buds may differ, so I can only describe my tasting experience. Also, one person’s personal preference may differ dramatically from another’s.

The primary purpose of my flavor review, is to describe each flavor, a step beyond its name. Hopefully, it will give you some guidance in making your selections.

The Meta Drop Bar is priced reasonably, under $17.00. Prices can drop during special sales and closeouts.


The Meta Drop Bar is an ultraportable vape lets you charge the 650mAh battery with a Type-C USB cable. You’ll get a generous 6000 puffs, so it will last for days without recharging. The recharging cable is not included in the kit.

The seller calls this device a “Rechargeable Disposable”. That means you really don’t need to purchase a recharging cable if you wish to dispose of it, rather than recharging it. With 6000 puffs, and a low price point, it’s a great deal, even if you choose to buy a new one, rather than buying a recharging cable.

Meta Drop Bar has a 15mL of Juice Capacity. You can choose from 10 different flavors. The nicotine level is 5%.

The size of this little vape is 48.8×26.8x84mm. That’s about 2 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall. It’s very discreet, and fits nicely in your hand.

Vapor production is very ample, so you’ll get great clouds.
All 10 flavors are smooth, never harsh, and true to the flavor’s name.

Our preferred seller guarantees authentic products, and offers Free Shipping on orders over $75. They have a 60-Day warranty, a 15-Day return policy with no restocking fee, and a low price guarantee.

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    Is meta drop cool mint being discontinued

    1. Hi Jaims,
      Thank you for your comment! I have reached out to the sellers at both Vaporfi and DirectVapor, and will update this reply as soon as I learn more.
      I certainly hope this is just temporary.

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