Onnix 20W Vape Pod Starter Kit Review + Instructions

Last updated on June 17th, 2023

Onnix 20W Vape Pod Starter Kit Review + Setup Instructions

UDATE! The Onnix 20W Has Been Replaced with the Freemax Onnix 2.


Onnix 2, 15watt Kit

Freemax Onnix 2

Available in six colors, this Pod Vape System comes with two coils; 1 x 0.8ohm and 1 x 1.0ohm coil. It has a powerful 900mAh Battery and gives you up to 15 watts of power. The smooth surface of the vape resists fingerprints and scratches. Vapor is activated with a draw button. An LED light indicates your battery life. The pod will hold 2mL of e-liquid. Fill the vape by opening the silicone stoppered hole on the pod. The pod connects magnetically and the kit comes with a USB cable for easy charging.

What was the Onnix 20W Vape Pod Starter Kit?

The Onnix is a lightweight, easy-to-use pod system vaporizer, with an adjustable power function, 2 coils, a long-lasting pod, and several safety features.

Designed by vape industry pioneer, Freemax, the look is sleek and simple, as there are only a few buttons and LED lights.

That’s not to say there isn’t a lot to learn! You have to choose and set the correct wattage setting for each coil, and you have to know which type of e-liquid works best with each coil, and its related setting. This article will guide you through those steps.

For the purpose o this review, I was sent a kit from International Vapor – greatly appreciated! As always, my reviews are based on my own tests and opinions.

What You’ll Discover In This Review:

  • Contents of the Kit
  • Device Specifications
  • Best Features and Missing Features
  • Helpful Set-Up Instructions
  • E-Liquids That Work Best
  • Safety Features

Here’s What You Got in the Kit:


1 x Freemax Onnix Battery
1 x Freemax Onnix POD (OX Mesh Coil 0.5ohm Pre-installed)
1 x Extra OX DVC Coil 1.0ohm
1 x Type-C USB Charger
1 x Warning Card
1 x Warranty Card – good for 90 days
1 x User manual

Battery capacity 1100mAh
Draw Activated & Button Activated
3-level Adjustable Power Output
Dual Airflow Mechanism
Unintended Activation Safety Feature
Output voltage 3.3v-4.2v
Output wattage 8W-20W
Coil resistance: OX mesh coil 0.5ohm (pre installed for RDL vaping)
Coil resistance: OX DVC coil 1.0ohm (for MTL vaping)
Pod E-liquid Capacity: 3.5ml

Best Features at a Glance


The ONNIX Onnix Vape Pod Starter Kit feels quite comfortable in my hand, and it fits in a pocket or small purse. Measurements are 109mm high, (about 4.5 inches); 26.2mm wide, (about 1 inch), and 16.2mm thick, (about 1/2 inch).

Weighing only 50grams, (just under 2 ounces) it’s very lightweight. Considering the size of the device, all the features available, this was a pleasant surprise.

Unlike bulkier pod vapes, the ONNIX has a simple design, with no LED Menu display. That’s not to say you cannot make adjustments to your vape! The kit comes with a regular, as well as a subohm coil, and you can adjust the wattage, and the airflow to suit either Mouth to Lung (MTL) or Direct Lung Vaping.

Lightweight, easy to use
Adjustable power up to 20watts
Dual Airflow
Reusable Pod
The device has lots of safety features
There is no LED display screen
There is no LED display screen
Flashing colors are the only settings indicators
Nicotine Salts are not recommended

Details of the ONNIX’s Best Features:

1 – The ONNIX Has Two Draw Activation Options

When the device is on, you can either draw on the mouthpiece, or you can press the activation button. If you’re worried about accidentally pressing the button, just turn off Button Activated Mode by pressing 4 times on the activation/fire button.

The LED will blink white four times when enabling or disabling this feature.

2 – The ONNIX is Multiple E-Liquid Friendly

The ONNIX Vape Pod Starter Kit takes e-liquids with various VG/PG ratios. The kit booklet says, you can use both nic salts, and regular freebase e-juices, but I, along with most seasoned vapers do not recommend using nic salts with the .50 coil (or any subohm coil). You can get sick from excessive nicotine consumption. Use the 1ohm coil for nic salts.

3 – Filling The Pod


Onnix pod showing juice door and peel tab

The pod will hold 3.5 ml of e-liquid. The minimum fill amount is shown on the side of the pod.

You have to remove the pod from the battery to access the fill port.

Don’t forget to remove the safety sticker on the bottom of the pod.

Open the pod door. The door opens from the right, but it can be a bit tricky. You may need to use your nails, or a letter opener to get under the rubber.
The e-liquid hole is a good size, so there’s less chance of missing the mark.
Don’t forget to prime the coil.

If you’re filling a new pod, remember to let your e-liquid sit in the pod for at about 10-12 minutes before vaping. This allows the atomizer’s wick to fully saturate with e-liquid.

Keep the Pod

Since the ONNIX pod can be refilled, unlike closed pod systems, and disposable pod vapes, you don’t have to toss it after use! It can last for weeks. Simply rinse the inside of the pod with water. You’ll know it’s time for a new pod, when you taste the older flavor while vaping. This is known as “flavor ghosting”.

New pods are available, and you can get them in packs of 2.

4 – Understanding the 2 Coils, and How They Affect Your Vaping Experience

Onnix Pod Vape coils

As mentioned, the ONNIX Vape Pod Starter Kit COMES WITH 2 Coils – a subohm coil, and a regular 1.0ohm coil.
I like the fact that the ohms and recommended wattage are listed right on the coil. Okay, you may need a magnifying glass to read them..but they’re there…and they are color coded. Both coils are easily inserted into the bottom of the pod.

It’s important to note, if you already have e-liquid in the pod when you change the coil, make sure you hold the pod on its side. If the pod is upright, and you remove the coil, the e-liquid will spill out!

Regular coils are great for 50/50 VG/PG e-liquid blends. Subohm coils are designed for high, or MAX VG e-liquids.

The OX Mesh Coil 0.5ohm (installed), is recommended for RDL vaping. RDL is Direct-to-Lung Vaping with restricted airflow. It does keep the vape cooler, and you’re less likely to cough. That said, it also restricts the size of vapor clouds.

The OXDVC Coil 1.0ohm is recommended for MTL vaping. Most vapers use Mouth to Lung inhalation, which mimics the smoking experience better than other vaporizers.

The e-liquids recommended for both coils are Freebase e-liquids between 3-12mg nicotine, and Nic Salt E-liquids between 20-50mg nicotine. As mentioned, I do not recommend using nic with the sub-ohm coil.


The ONNIX comes pre-charged, but the 1100mAh battery charges quickly and will last all day, even at 20W. A depleted battery will take about an hour to charge.

Click the black button on the front of the mod 5 times to turn on the device.


You can easily adjust the airflow of the device using the little slider tool on the side of the mod. Slide it to the left for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping. This will give you a warmer, stronger throat hit.

Slide it to the right for DTL (direct-to-lung) airflow control. You’ll actually get a Restricted Airflow, so the vape will be cooler with a milder throat hit.


Onnix Resistance/Wattage Chart

You can set the wattage on the Onnix, but your wattage range depends on the coil in use.

If you are using the 0.5ohm coil, you can set it for 16, 18, or 20 watts.
If you are using the 1.0ohm coil, the settings range from 9-13 watts.

The wattage is set by clicking the activation button. Click it 3 times, and you’ll see a Green light at the bottom of the device, indicating you are on the highest wattage available for the coil.

Click another 3 times, and the light changes to Blue for a medium wattage. Click it another 3 times, and you’ll see a Red light indicating the wattage is set to low.


Here’s a Shortlist of All Safety Features.

1 – Indicator Lights

The ONNIX comes fully charged. When you turn on the vape, a Green light at the front bottom of the device will flash. You’ll see the Green light when you press the activation button, until the charge goes below 71%.

-Blue light indicates the battery is charged between 36% and 70%.
-Red Light indicates the battery is charged between 0% and 35%.
-White Light flashes once when you insert the pod into the mod.
-White Light flashes 3 times when you remove the pod.
-White Light flashes 4 times when enabling or disabling the Auto Draw feature.

2 – Warning Lights

-A Red Light flashes 5 times when the PCB Panel indicates a temperature of over 70 degrees.
-A Red Light flashes 3 times, indicating your coil ohms are on low resistance, (less than .01 ohms). Low resistance is another term for subohm.
-A Red Light keeps flashing, indicating your voltage is more than 6.2V.


With all the features of the ONNIX, there was a lot to test out!

I began by testing the device with the .5ohm coil, using a BlueRazz Lemon, MAX VG e-liquid with 3mg nicotine. This was a regular e-liquid and NOT a nic salt e-juice.

I tried all wattage settings for this coil, (16W, 18W, and 20W). I kept the airflow door open, as recommended in the manual.

Flavor and vapor clouds were excellent at all settings, although 18 watts felt the most comfortable for my vaping needs. I’ll probably change to 16 watts later, to extend the life of the coil.

Next, I tested the mod with the 1ohm coil using a Chocolate Delight flavored e-liquid. The PG/VG ratio was 50/50, (perfect for this regular coil), and the juice contained 3mg nicotine. This was also a regular e-liquid and NOT a nic salt e-liquid.

I tested the device on all wattage settings (9W,11W and 13W), with the airflow door closed.
For me, the ideal setting for flavor was 11 Watts. Of course, that was my preference, and yours may be different.

The nice thing is, you have many wattage and airflow options from which to choose, so you’re bound to find your sweet spot.

I should also mention that all Freemax coils are made with a Mesh and Tea Fiber Cotton formula. Yes, the fiber is actually derived from 100% natural tea. It’s just another reason why the Onnix vape is so flavorful.

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Have you tried the Freemax Onnix 20W Vape Pod Starter Kit, or the New Freemax Onnix 2?  Did you like it? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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