SMOK RPM40 Vape Pod Review – High Tech-Highly Innovative

Last updated on June 17th, 2023

Smok RPM40 Vape Pod Review

SMOK has dubbed the RPM 40 Vape Pod device, “The Real Pod Mod”. The keyword here is “Mod” which cleverly places the RPM 40 into an undefined class of vapes – until now. Yes, it’s a convenient, easy-to-use pod vape system, but this one allows for more power, up to 40W, and more customizations. I found this a refreshing move. It’s certainly a welcome reprieve from the vape scene’s over-saturated pod vape market.

A Pod System That’s Convenient, Yet Customizable

The RPM 40 is a compact device that’s actually a hybrid of the pod vape and a fully customizable Mod. That said, it’s still easy to use and very affordable. 

MOK RPM40 Vape Pod in 8 Colors

The Pod Mod comes in 8 attractive colors – Bright Black – Green – Purple/Red – Prism Rainbow – Prism Chrome – Prism Gold – Orange – White.

One big feature is that there is considerable flexibility when it comes to the device’s unique, (and very large) capacity pods.  Of course, the downside of flexibility is that it can also invite confusion. In this case, you have to understand a few things about coil resistance and e-juice pg/vg blend compatibility.

Learn more about PG/VG e-liquids

Once you master this, you can enjoy both salt nicotine and freebase e-liquids in the RPM40. You just have to use the right pod with the right coil! 

Here’s How to Configure the SMOK RPM 40 So It Is Compatible With Your Preferred E-Liquid

RPM40 Standard Pod

RPM40 Standard Pod

The RPM 40 Vape Pod Kit includes an RPM40 Standard Pod with a mesh 0.4ohm coil pre-installed. The pod can hold 4.3ml. This coil is made for sub ohm vaping so it’s best to use regular e-liquids that have a high VG content.

If you prefer a different ohm resistance, You can purchase additional coils, with a resistance from 0.4 to 1.2 ohm. These coils will ALL WORK with the Standard Pod.

What E-Juices Work With the Standard Pod?

If you want to use either salt nicotine or regular (freebase) nicotine e-liquids, the RPM Standard Pod will work for both.

  • Regular e-liquids will work with both above ohm and sub ohm coils. When using sub ohm coils; however, the e-liquid should have at least a 40% VG content.
  • Salt Nicotine e-liquids are not made to work with sub ohm coils, so use an above-ohm coil with the Standard Pod.

Filling the RPM 40 Standard Pod with 4.3ml e-liquid

Filling this pod is easy. Just lift the rubber stopper on the side of the pod and fill. The pod capacity is 4.3ml – That’s huge for a vape pod…but this is really a pod Mod, right? I have to say, you’ll get no leaks with this one either, whether you’re filling it or vaping. When filling the pod for the first time, allow the e-liquid 2-4 minutes to fully saturate the coil before vaping.

What About the RPM Nord Pod?

RPM40 NORD pod

RPM40 NORD pod

The RPM 40 Vape Pod Kit also includes a RPM Nord Pod which holds 4.5ml of e-liquid.

If you are familiar with the SMOK NORD pod vape deviceyou know the pod is extremely flexible and will handle a variety of coil resistances. The RPM comes with a Nord DC 0.6ohm Coil Preinstalled.

  • Use this Pod (with the preinstalled sub ohm coil) with regular e-liquids that have a high VG content. Do not use this coil for nicotine salt e-liquids.
  • Use a the 1.4 ohm regular coil, (available separately), for nicotine salts.


SMOK RPM Customizer Screen

Power and Protection

The RPM may be a portable pod vape, but it has far more power than conventional pod vapes. With an integrated battery with a capacity of 1500mAh you can go for days (certainly over 1 day) without needing a charge.

The customization screen is, thankfully, uncomplicated. The IQ-R Chipset lets you easily adjust the wattage up to 40watts of power. This is really unique for a vape pod system. You can also adjust the color of the display.

As for safety, the pod mod includes a nice suite of safety features that prevent device failures and keep you safe. There’s an 8-second cut-off timer, high-temperature protection, short-circuit detection, and automatic low voltage protection.

How Does it Vape?

Having vaped regular pod vapes for several years, I was shocked at the depth and intensity of the flavor. Even the clouds were impressive. Frankly, I really didn’t need the full 40 watts to get great flavor and full vapor. Just 25-30 watts will give you a very enjoyable vape with big clouds of vapor. What’s more, my battery lasted longer… and this is a pod vape weighing only 99g. Amazing.


Hand-holding-SMOK-rpm 40

The RPM 40 is 3.93″ tall and 0.98″ in diameter

Every pod vape on the market uses a pod to hold e-liquid rather than a more complicated tank, but traditional pod vapes lack added features. 

SMOK addressed that issue and came up with the RPM 40 which, without doubt, has taken pod vaping to the next level.

The device, measuring 3.93″ tall and 0.98″ in diameter is a combination pod vape/mod. It’s small enough to fit in your hand and easy to fill with any type of e-juice. That’s nothing new; however, the RPM 40 goes beyond the norm, proving to be uniquely flexible. It will accommodate 2 types of pods, several atomizer resistances, and fires up to 40Watts of power.

Wattage and color customizations can be performed using the LED screen.

The RPM 40’s flavor and vapor production really takes pod-style vaping to the next level. We think it’s a game-changer. I rate it a solid 9.8.

Smok RPM4 in 2 colors


On Sale Now

Have you tried the RPM40? We’d love to post your review, so feel free to comment below!

If you’re interested in a more powerful model, SMOK now has the RPM 2


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