SMOK Trinity Alpha – Is It a Step Above the Nord?

Last updated on May 28th, 2022

SMOK Trinity Alpha 1000mAh Pod Vape vs Nord

UPDATE! Smok no longer makes the Trinity Alpha.  Check out our Review of the SMOK NORD.

Comparing the SMOK Trinity Alpha to the SMOK Nord

The e-cig market is awash with portable pod vapes, and for good reason. They’re a welcome addition to the vaping scene, as they are easy to use, very portable and require less maintenance than larger vaporizers. The SMOK Trinity Alpha Open Pod Vape is a recent contender, but you may ask, “Is it a step above its popular predecessor, the SMOK Nord?” 

It certainly has a few extra features.

For the purpose of this review, I received a complimentary SMOK Trinity Alpha and a SMOK Nord kit from International Vapor. As always, my comments and ratings are strictly my own.

SMOKTech – When It Comes to Pod Vapes, They’re On Top

SMOK (also know as SmokTech), is a vape company that has made a name for itself by producing cutting edge vaporizers. SMOK has manufactured scores of vaping hardware devices over the past 10 years, including the very popular SMOK Nord. 

All SMOK vaping devices have these things in common:

  • Innovate qualities
  • Artistic, clean designs
  • Important safety features 
  • A great price point


I’ve also noticed that as the company grows, so does SMOK’s quality control. Newer vape models are not only more sophisticated, they are more reliable.

Like the Nord, The Trinity Alpha comes in several different colors, but you have more choices with the Trinity.

A Mini Pod Vape With Adjustable Power and Two SubOhm Coils


One of the things the Trinity Alpha and the SMOK Nord have in common is that both starter kits come with 2 SMOK Nord coils. 

The Trinity Alpha comes with two sub-ohm coils; a .06ohm mesh coil and a .08ohm mesh coil for Mouth-to-Lung (MTL).  

The Nord comes with a 0.6ohm mesh coil (which works best with higher VG e-liquids) and a 1.4ohm coil (which works best for nic salt e-juices). 

With the Trinity Alpha; however, you can use either one of the sub-ohm coils included in the kit with regular e-liquids, high VG e-liquids, nicotine salt e-juices and even CBD vape juices. 

Another advantage of the SMOK Trinity Alpha is that you can set the wattage power from 10-25watts. That means you’ll get a smooth satisfying vape, no matter what e-liquid you use.

Here Are the Best Features of the Trinity Alpha 1000mAh Vape Pod System Kit

The Trinity Alpha is Very Portable – Measuring 91mm by 38mm by 16mm

Pod Features:

  • 2.8mL Refillable Pod
  • You can use any type of e-liquid – even nic salt e-juice
  • Clear E-juice Window
  • Convenient Sliding Top-Fill

Power Features: 

  • 1000mAh battery 
  • 3 Level Output Wattage Power: 10-25W
  • Comes with (2) SMOK NORD Coils with (2) resistances

Safety Features:

  • 8 Seconds Cut-Off Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Warning

Details of the SMOK Trinity Alpha

To date, I’ve not seen a 1000mAh mini mod pod vape that could accommodate 2 different coil resistances – but the Trinity Alpha does just that. As mentioned, it comes with (1) 0.6ohm Nord Mesh Coil and (1) 0.8ohm Nord Mesh-MTL Coil.

If you are familiar with the SMOK Nord, you’ll recognize these coils. 

What makes this pod vape so versatile is that you can use either the .06 or the .08 coils with all types of e-juice. The only real difference is that the .08 ohm coil (having a higher ohm resistance) is a bit more juice efficient. 

That said, each coil has a Maximum Wattage setting.

The 0.6ohm Nord Mesh Coil takes up to 25 Watts

The 0.8ohm Nord Mesh-MTL Coil  takes up to 16 Watts

There are actually three different wattage modes. 

We designed a helpful diagram showing the Trinity Alpha and the Location of all the features – Details to Follow.

Trinity Alpha infographic


Here’s What Came in the Box 

SMOK Trinity Alpha in Box




0.6ohm NORD Mesh Coil

0.8ohm NORD Mesh-MTL Coil

MicroUSB Cable (bottom level)

Instructional Manual

Lanyard (bottom level)



Charging the Device

Charging SMOK Trinity Alpha

This Pod Vape has a USB Port on the Side of the Device

The Trinity Alpha comes partially charged, so use the USB cable provided to complete the charge. You can plug it into your computer or a USB charger. I like the fact that the USB plug is located on the side of the device rather than the bottom. The vape can stand upright rather than on its side. 

The battery life indicator goes off when charging is complete. My device took less than a half hour to charge. 

When you’re vaping, that same indicator light will tell you how much charge is left.

Green – 100/70%

Orange – 70/30%

Red – <30%

The SMOK Trinity Alpha has a powerful 1000mAh built-in battery. That means you can go a full day (or more) without having to recharge it.

Setting Up the Device

The first step before using the SMOK Trinity Alpha is to choose your preferred coil.

You do have to remove the pod to insert or change the coil, but that’s easy to do.

There’s a little ribbed release button on the top of the tank. Slide it to the right and pull out the pod. You use this slider button again in to replace the pod.

Inserting the Coil


Trintiy Alpha- Powered by Nord Coils

Inserting or Removing the Nord Coil

After removing the pod, insert one of the coils into the large hole at the bottom of the pod. Just press it in until the head sits flush with the top of the hole. There are no screw threads, but you may have to twist it a bit to get it seated.

 The Trinity Alpha’s Easy Fill Options


Trinity Alpha sliding top-fill design

Top-Fill Design

One of the features I liked with this open system mini pod vape is that you really don’t have to remove the pod to fill it, (or refill it). Just swivel the innovative filling cap and add your e-liquid. Yes, you can use any vape juice, regular, zero nicotine, CBD or nicotine salt e-juice. 

Swivel the cap back into place and you’re almost done. You just need to wait a few minutes to allow the juice to to fully saturate the coil. If you don’t wait, you’ll burn the coil!

Setting the Three Output Modes

As mentioned earlier, The SMOK Trinity Alpha has three output modes which will adjust the wattage. They are S – Soft, N – Normal and H – Hard

Output Wattage Power for the Soft mode is 10Watts, Normal Mode is 16Watts and Hard mode is 25Watts. Remember, the 0.6ohm Nord Mesh Coil takes up to 25 Watts. The 0.8ohm Nord Mesh-MTL Coil should only be vaped with either the Soft or Normal mode.

Changing the Power Settings is easy! Simply press the Mode Button on the side of the battery. It’s located just above the USB port. 

Taste Testing the SMOK Trinity Alpha

Since the pod can be filled with any type of e-liquid, I thought I’d first test it out with a 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid using the Nord .08ohm coil. I would usually choose an above ohm coil for a 50/50 blend, so I had my doubts.

I used one of my favorite vape juices, Vaporfi’s Mango Tango.

If you’re unfamiliar with Vaporfi, they’re the company that has over 30,000 different flavor combinations. Anyway, it worked great! The 16 watt/Normal setting gave me excellent flavor and full vapor.

I then tested the .06 coil with a PG Free, Organic e-juice from Kind Juice.

As expected, this high VG blend gave me a great vape without any harshness. I even tried it on the Hard watt setting which gave me a stronger throat hit. 


Weighing only 90 grams,  the SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod Vape is perhaps one of the most versatile, easy to use, open system Pod Vapes on the market.   

What sets this tiny pod vape apart from others in its class (including the best-selling SMOK Nord), is that you can set your preferred wattage – Soft, Normal or Hard. Even with the Soft Setting, I got nice clouds and full flavor. 

This mini pod mod is so versatile. You get 2 sub ohm atomizer coils, and the pod can take either “traditional” e-liquids, CBD vape juice, high VG blends, or nicotine salt-based liquids.  

The device has a powerful 1000mAh built-in battery. That means you can go a full day without having to recharge it.

Have you tried the SMOK Trinity Alpha? Have any questions? We welcome your comments!

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    • James on November 23, 2019 at 3:14 am
    • Reply

    I hope the pin connection arrangement lasts longer than the spring pins on the nord .have used two nords first lasted 2 months and second 4 months .have been careful loading pods but why last such a short time. We need long term reviews on these products.

    • William County on August 25, 2019 at 9:51 am
    • Reply

    I’ve been vaping on the Trinity alpha a couple days. In contrast to the smoke nord(which I absolutely love) The pro’s: 3 wattage modes and when it’s on high the clouds are bigger than the more, the flavor is in my opinion a little better (more noticable), the easy fill top lid was genius, it’s design(appearance). That’s what caught my eyes. Looks like a mini box mod.
    The only negatives is that a couple time it’s leaked on me( but that may have been my doing) not closing the top lid fully or the coil idk.
    I like it better because the nord can and will easy fire off in you. I work in a factory and I’ve had the nord on several occasions cook in my pants pocket really bad. I think the position of the fire button will benifit me seeing how it’s not going to be resting on my thigh. And yes I am aware you can lock it. I just forget to alot. Overall smok takes the cake on their new pod style Vapes. Oh and idk about the Trinity but with the nord(same coils) I get 2 weeks of great flavor per and 3 weeks max but that’s reefing on em day and night so the coils lasting that long is outstanding. So yeah I would recommend you get this for sure. Hence me writing a review whilst on the clock lol

    1. Hey William,

      Thanks for leaving such a great review! I love both devices, but I agree, the Trinity Alpha is outstanding. You can set your preferred wattage – soft, normal or hard which is a cool option.

    • Scott T Fagin on July 19, 2019 at 4:40 pm
    • Reply

    What’s the best way to clean the pod of the smok trinity alpha

    1. Hi Scott,

      We have a post on How to Clean All Your Vape Parts. It also gives directions on how to clean a vape pod which you may find helpful as it will apply to the Trinity Alpha pod.

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