SmokeTip Review | Great Flavor Choices in a Traditionally Styled E-Cigarette

Last updated on February 10th, 2022

SmokeTip -Traditional Styling and Impressive Warranty

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SmokeTip Electronic Cigarettes, while not the most popular brand on the market is holding its own with a dedicated following. They are one of the first (if not only) e-cigarette company to offer a “batteries for life” program which entitles customers to a free, fresh, new SmokeTip battery every time they order cartridges.

You don’t even have to send the old battery back to SmokeTip. That’s a pretty good deal! You’ll have so many batteries on hand, there’s no excuse not to have one fully charged and ready for vaping. You can even give some away to your friends who still smell like cigarettes.

Battery colors come in 4 colors. White, Black, Pink and Chrome. They are (2.5in) long x 9mm diameter. The power is 180 mAh for longer life.

You get two batteries in each starter kit and both are “standard” 2.5” size for vapers who prefer their e-cigarette to look like a real cigarette. And it does indeed.  No fancy patterns, no slim or long lengths. 

SmokeTip does offer two tobacco cartridge flavors; Regular and Smooth Blend and two menthol blends; Menthol and Mild Menthol.

They also have two types of cartridges – Regular and Soft Tip (which is similar to a cigarette filter). SmokTip may be the only cig-alike with this option.
Of course, flavored cartridges are no longer available due to the new FDA regulations on e-cigs. Still, expect an easy draw and large vapor production.

Nicotine strengths range from Zero to 16mgs. That’s a bit shy of other brands which can go up to strengths of 24mg.

Shipping is free, but only if you order over $59 worth of product (which isn’t hard).

Vapor Production

SmokeTip does have good, but not voluminous vapor production. That’s typical for traditional e-cigarettes. Their cartridges last as long as 1.25 packs of traditional cigarettes.

Larger Batteries

If you prefer a larger “eGo Style” battery, the company has that as well. They offer the 7W style which is 3″ long and has the power of 650mAh.

Smok Tip 7W battery

Smok Tip 7W battery

Costing a mere $17 (as of this posting), the 7W style comes in Chrome and Pink. It works perfectly with SmokeTip Cartridges, but you must use an adapter (sold separate). Please note, that if you use the adapter on a larger variable watt battery, you must set it for no higher than 7 watts!

The company does have a strong following with some positive reviews on the website.


Best-E-Cigarette’s Rating  8.5


  • Batteries for Life program
  • Wide selection of cartridge flavors
  • Free Shipping on order over $59



  • Average vapor production
  • Average cartridge life
  • Limited nicotine strength levels
  • Only has free shipping on larger orders
  • Website can be difficult to navigate



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  1. Ecigarettes helped me to quit smoking, although there deaths did make me try to quit, it was the introduction to E-Cigs that helped me quit. I was one of the first adopters of electronic cigarettes.

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