Switch Mods Disposable Vape Pod Kit Review

Last updated on October 6th, 2023

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IMPORTANT! The Switch Mods Disposable Vape Pen is No Longer Available. We now recommend the Dazed8 Titanz Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen. This is a discrete vape pen that contains two grams of Dazed8’s superior Delta-8 THC formula. It comes in several great flavors.


Powerful, Disposable Vape Pod Mod with Huge Flavor Selection

If you demand the convenience only a pod vape can deliver, and you love being able to choose between 20 different e-liquid flavors, you’ll be happy to learn, (as I was), that the Disposable Vape Pod Kit from Switch Mods is uniquely gratifying.

First Impressions of the Switch Mod Disposable:

While not 100% perfect, I found the Switch Mod’s disposable to be a winning combination of top hardware design and e-juice flavor choices.

Best Features of the Disposable Vape Pod Kit from Switch Mods:

-Easy to Use

-Maintenance Free

-Portable and Lightweight

-Long Lasting with 300+ Puffs

-Draw Activated

-Huge Flavor Assortment

-Free Shipping

-Very Economical

On the Downside:

-No choice of nicotine level other than 5%

-The nic level adds a spicy note which can add a menthol-like aftertaste to some flavors.


  • Battery Capacity: 280mAh
  • 1.3ml Pod
  • 5% Nicotine Salt (50 mg)
  • Power Range: 7-12W

Hand holding Switch Mods Disposable Pod Vape

Switch Mods Longevity and Ease of Use

In testing the Switch Mod, I found that it lasted about 4 days, as it has a larger than average 280mAh battery.

Most other Disposable Vapes will last about a day on average, or about 200 puffs before you need to replace it.

As with all disposable vapes, there are no buttons to push and the vape comes fully charged. Just take it out of the box, open the package, remove the rubber sanitary covers from the ends of the device and start vaping. The draw is very comfortable.

Truly portable, the Switch Mod measures about 3 6/8” long and is lightweight.

For me, the Switch disposable vape pen is in a class of its own, mainly because of the 20 flavor choices. Not only does it come in many great flavors; they’re all made in an FDA Registered lab. Vapor production is quite good for a pod mod.

I tested 7 of the most popular flavors, and while all flavors are subjective to individual taste preferences, I think you’ll find my descriptions to be pretty accurate.  

1 – Grape Stick 

Switch Mods Grape Stick

Switch Mods Grape Stick

I’m a big fan of Grape flavored pod vapes, so take my review of the Switch Mod Grape Pod with a grain of partiality. 

That said, this pod mod’s Grape flavor is true to taste and the flavor is exceptionally rich. If you enjoy a juicy vape with lots of sweetness and a mild throat hit, this vape will really satisfy.

2 – Mango Stick

Switch Mods Mango Stick

Switch Mods Mango Stick

Who doesn’t love Mango? Unfortunately for pod mod lovers, it’s one of those hard to find exotic e-juice fruit flavors.

If you’re an adult vaper looking for a satisfying Mango vape with a bit of a throat hit, you can get it now with the Switch Mod.

3 – Cucumber Lime Stick

Switch Mods Cucumber Lime Stick

Switch Mods Cucumber Lime Stick

was, (and still am) very fond of cucumber e-juice flavors. Subtle, refreshing and flavorful, they are a rare breed, but happily, Switch has a winning blend of fresh cucumber with a hint of tart lime…just a hint, mind you..so it does not overpower (or sour) the flavor.

4 – Melons Stick

Switch Mods Melons Stick

Switch Mods Melons Stick

A combination of honeydew and cantaloupe, I had a hard time distinguishing either flavor. This was not my fave.

– Orange Creamsicle Stick 

Switch mods orange creamsicle

This flavor really nails it. It gives you all the satisfaction of those orange ice coated, vanilla ice cream bars without the unnecessarily calories or carbs. Thankfully for adult vapers, it is still available for those who appreciate the importance of vape flavors.

6 – Strawberry Watermelon Ice Stick

Switch Mods Strawberry Watermelon Ice Stick

Switch Mods Strawberry Watermelon Ice Stick

Watermelon vape juice can, frankly, be dodgy, but the Switch Mod version does a great job balancing strawberry and watermelon. It’s very fruity and refreshing. If you like a sweet vape that’s subtle on the ice, you’ll like the Strawberry Watermelon Ice Stick.

7 – Strawberry Ice Stick

Switch Mods Strawberry Ice Stick

Switch Mods Strawberry Ice Stick

If you prefer a straight up fresh strawberry vape with a crisp bite you’ll enjoy the Strawberry Ice Stick flavor. I did find; however, that the throat hit was quite intense on the initial inhalation. Taking shallower draws will help. After a while the hit smooths out considerably.


Currently priced at under $9 with Free Shipping, the Disposable Vape Pod Kit from Switch Mods is one of the best in its class. 

With 20 rich flavors from which to choose, you’re bound to find your favorite. The low price and free shipping offer makes it easier to test out a few at a time.

Vapor production for the mod is ample, and the 280mAh battery will last for days.

The ingredients are the purest the manufacturer can buy and all are FDA approved. 

The only downside I found, is that you can only get 5% nicotine (which is pretty high). This can also add a menthol-like aftertaste to some flavors.

Weighing my pros against cons, the pros come out on top. 

The Switch Mods Disposable is certainly economical, definitely user friendly, and highly likely to please even the most discriminating vaper.  

With 20 nic salt flavors available, these little disposable pod vapes are a great choice for both new, intermediate and advanced vapers.

BECG Rating 

Disposable Vape Pod Kit from Switch Mods-all flavors

Have you tried the Switch Mod Disposable Vape? Our readers would like to know your opinion, so feel free to leave a comment.

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