V2 Pro Series – Review of Series 3 and 7

Last updated on February 9th, 2022



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V2Cig Pro Series 3 and Series 7 

V2 Pro Series 3 and Series 7


E-Cigarette company V2Cigs offers the Pro Series which allows for several vaping of options. You can vape e-liquids, herbs and wax. I was impressed with this line before the competition brought out safer, smoother vaporizers for herbs and wax. Yes I do prefer Davinci’s vaporizers for those reasons, but if you want to save a few dollars and don’t mind having to wait weeks for your vaporizer to be delivered, V2 has some options.

Features for Every Type of Vaper

There’s something for every vaper in the Pro Series line. You can fire up loose leaves of any kind with the Series 7. Inhaling any type of smoke by combustion (flame) creates toxic fumes that you inhale so you’ll avoid that issue. 

The Pro Series 7 has specialized clear cartridges that warm up tobacco, pipe tobacco or any type of herbs (including marijuana) to create your vapor. You can also vape essential oils, wax, gels and similar concentrates if you also purchase the Pro Series Wax Cartridge. The tank adjusts the heat of your wax or oil to create the vapor. 

The wax cartridge is somewhat different from the e-liquid and loose leaf cartridge in that it doesn’t have a wick and you use a pick tool to make a hole in the wax or gel down to the bottom coil. 

Magnetic Design

Don’t expect to screw on the vape tank because there’s no threading at all. The Pro Series is designed with magnetic technology to resist breakage and leaking. You just drop it into the top of the vaporizer. The charger is also magnetic and unique to the series, so there’s no chance of using an incompatible charger that can damage your battery. 

The flat activation button and low profile tip makes for a sleek look and there are three metallic style colors from which to choose – black, blue and steel.

The V2 Pro Pods are the newest edition to the Pro Series 3 vaporizers. You might say they are the modern, intermediate version of the cigalike cartridge, designed to deliver e-liquid vapor. V2 disposable cartridges Here are the features:

  • Longer-lasting and lower cost per puff than V2 Classic
  • Choose from V2 Rd, Shara, Congress & V2 Menthol
  • 5 Levels of Nicotine
  • Disposable pods are ideal for vaping on-the-go


Voo Poo Drag 2 vaporizer kit from DirectVapor

Battery Power

The Series 3 battery is 650 mAh which really holds a decent charge, and the 1.6 ml e-liquid cartridge is efficient, I took about 800 puffs before I needed a refill. 

This kit comes with one battery, one e-liquid cartridge and the magnetic USB charger. The Loose Leaf cartridge is sold separately as are V2’s e-liquids. 

The new Loose Leaf cartridge for the Series 7 warms leaves slowly – either herbs, flowers or tobacco to the right temperature. 

If you want your ecig to offer more options and you want a relatively low priced vaporizer for dry herbs, wax or prefilled cartridges, consider V2’s Pro Series. 

Some Downsides

  • I do wish these vaporizer kits were actually full kits. They’re not, as you have to buy additional cartridges to take advantage of all the features.
  • If you want to take advantage of the unique Loose Leave cartridge, you have to add it to the Pro Series 3 kit.
  • The Series 7 already includes the loose leaf/herb cartridge; however the wax cartridges, or a second battery, must be purchase separately for both kits.
  • The pens get really hot after a short vaping session.
  • They are not the easiest vaporizers in it’s class to clean.
  • V2 is known to have very slow delivery and poor customer service.

The reasons above are why I can only give them a 6.9 rating.


V2 Pro Series specifications and vaporizers

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