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Last updated on February 10th, 2022

Vaporfi apple bourbon strawberry with pro 3 vaporizerVaporfi – Some of the Best Vaporizers and Accessories and Eliquids

Back when Vaporfi was called VaporZone, they caught the world’s attention with their outrageous and controversial TV commercial that aired during the 2014 Super Bowl. That certainly got people talking, but it takes high quality vaporizers, accessories and e-liquids to put you at the top of the competitive vape industry. The company did just that, and they are now recognized as one of the best sellers of vape products.

This review features just a few of the top sellers within Vaporfi’s great line of vaporizer accessories, specifically their Atomizers and Clearomizer Tanks. There’s no shortage on options and you can check out all of them on the Vaporfi website, but here are a few of my faves.

Vaporfi Has All Kinds of E-Liquids Tanks and Compatible Atomizers

I own many vaporizer and vape pen devices including beginner vape pens like the Vaporfi Pro, the slim Express, and the tiny VAIO Vaporizer. You’ll get incredible vapor and a smooth vape, but you have to use Vaporfi’s atomizers. Actually, keeping your atomizers matched with your ecig is all part of vaping safety.


All e-cigarette vaporizer tanks and Clearomizer’s contain atomizers that hold the heating coil, wick and mesh bridge. This little mechanism heats the e-liquid to vapor. All are priced well and the website makes it easy to choose the right atomizer for your tank. 

Different types of ecig atomizers-best e-cigarette guide

I chose to use Vaporfi’s powerful 5ml Vulk Tank which is one tank that fits my VOX box MOD. The Vulk delivers a huge rush of vapor as it holds a massive atomizer built to impress.

Vaporfi Vulk -best-e-cigarette-guide

The vertical style coil is wrapped in Japanese organic cotton which gives you the purest draw available. The single coil atomizers come in 0.2ohm – 0.6ohm resistance sizes.


The SS316 0.5ohm Atomizer is the next step up and is compatible with the Vaporfi VAIO. This MOD has a built-in 3.5ml tank so it’s very compact and certainly not top heavy.  It’s a few dollars more, but the VAIO still gives you the advantage of a long lasting bottom coil and you’ll enjoy over-the-top vapor production. The SS316 atty knows how to handle even the most subtle e-liquids so you’ll always get maximum flavor.

These single coil atomizers come in 0.15ohm – 3.5ohm resistance sizes.

Choosing a lower resistance ohm size will typically give you a stronger throat hit. Make sure to balance your atomizer size with your nicotine level to optimize your vaping enjoyment.

All atomizers should last you between 3-5 weeks depending on your vaping use. 

Other Popular Vaporfi Tanks

There’s a huge range of Clearomizer Tanks that can be custom matched to your preferred vaporizer. They range from a mere $14.99 for the mini-clear cartomizer tank to $39.99 for the largest, most powerful tanks. You can view them all on Vaporfi’s tank page.

Although I’m familiar with all types of advanced vaporizers, I really enjoy the simplicity and portability of the Mini-Clear Clearomizer and Express-battery. It’s a sleek cig-alike that gives you the option to add your own e-liquids. 

Vaporfi mini clear cartomizer and battery

If you want to up the performance of your vapor experience, get the VaporFi Rocket 3 Tank with Air Flow Control which adjusts your draw.

Vaporfi’s extensive line of stylish vaporizers has something for everyone, from the easy to use Pro 3 to the sophisticated Rebel 3. When it comes to e-cig’s vaporizers, their Clearomizer tank and atomizers, will keep your vaping experience interesting and trouble-free. 

Happy Vaping.

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