The Smallest, Most Powerful All-in-One Vaporizer – Vaporfi’s VAIO MINI

Last updated on December 7th, 2023

Vaporfi VAIO MINI Review


I loved the Vaio Mini!…but learning how to use it was a challenge!

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Here’s a Detailed Guide to Using and Enjoying the VAIO MINI – An Amazing Little Vaporizer

When I first set eyes on this minuscule vaporizer I had my doubts whether it would have enough power to produce anything more than a wee puff of vapor.

What’s more, it was pink,…not my go-to color, but Vaporfi supported Breast Cancer Research this past October. They donated 10% of all “pink” purchases to the cause, so why not participate?

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After giving it a full trial, I learned this is one vaporizer that may be MINI sized, but it delivers maximum vapor.

My Learning Experience With the VAIO MINI

Having tested most of Vaporfi’s new vape pens with ease, this design baffled me….so I did what most gentlemen prefer not to do. I picked up the manual, put on my glasses and started reading.

Although the instructions are far from clear, I eventually figured it out, saving you guys a call to Vaporfi.

Step 1-  Unraveling the Mysteries of the VAIO MINI

The first thing I needed to do was to find the hidden atomizer and tank. Yup, this vaporizer was very different from anything I’d seen before.

The VAIO MINI is an all-in-one vaporizer. That means the main components live in the base of the device, below the mouthpiece and next to the battery.

The mouthpiece pops off easily and the atomizer unscrews from the battery section of the device. 

Vaporfi Vaio Mini Atomizer and base

The atomizer base is super thin and the atomizer itself is on the end of the base. It also screws off.

While I primed the atomizer and filled the tank with e-liquid, I put the battery on the USB charger. It wasn’t long before it was fully charged.

Step 2- Prime First, Vape Later

Priming the atomizer is tricky if your e-liquid bottle’s tip isn’t a needle-nose. The tiny atomizer takes 2-3 drops of e-liquid placed directly into the atomizer tip.  Taking time to prime is tantamount these days, unless you want to burn it out on the first hit.

After wetting the atomizer with your ejuice, let it fully absorb for at least 5 minutes. Then screw it back onto the thin atomizer base, insert it into the vaporizer and screw it in tightly. Don’t over-tighten.

Step 3 – Filling the Tank

Filling the VAIO MINI with eliquid

Unlike other tanks, the VAIO MINI fills from the front. Just open the door and drip one drop of eliquid at a time into the little hole. Watch the eliquid window to see when it’s filled. You don’t want to overfill it, so leave a bit of room at the top, then close the door.

What’s the Best Type of ELiquid to Use in a Tiny Vaporizer?

Any brand of e-liquid will do, but I recommend a 50/50 PG/VG ratio to accommodate the tiny fill-hole. PG (propylene glycol) is thinner than VG (vegetable glycerin). If you use a high VG eliquid dripping will be s-l-o-w.

Learn More about PG and VG eLiquids

Vaporfi has thousands of eliquid flavors, but the they also come in bottles with those tiny drip tips…so much easier to get the juice into the right place.

Final Steps

Screw the atomizer/base back into place and pop on the mouthpiece. Let the device sit for another 5 minutes, then take a few short puffs before turning on your MINI.

Activate and Enjoy your VAIO MINI

Vaporfi Vaio Mini Activation Button

Click the activation button 5 times to turn it on.

You’ll find that the vapor is surprisingly full for such a little vaporizer. Flavor is intense, especially with your 50/50 eliquid ratio.

When you’re finished; turn it off with another 5 clicks.

Here’s What I Like Best –

  • This may be the smallest vaporizer out there where you can add your own e-liquids.
  • It’s lightweight and great for travel.
  • It’s quite stealthy and fits in the palm of your hand.
  • No worries about your tank leaking or breaking.
  • The device never gets hot.
  • It’s a deal right now as the VAIO MINI is under $20.

What Could Be Improved?

For a highly portable vaporizer that delivers so much, it’s hard to complain.

I do wish it was easier to drip a high VG e-liquid into the front chamber.

You can get around it by dripping directly into the chamber; however, if you drip too much, there won’t be room for the atomizer and you’ll have a bit of mess on your hands.

Other Tips:

Expect to fill your tank every day. If you let it run down too low, you’ll get that nasty burnt taste.




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