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I’m a seasoned vaper and I’ve tested and reviewed a lot of ecigs and vaporizers. Some models give me huge clouds of vapor and a serious throat hit; others keep me busy with complicated wattage buttons, directing my vape to that sweet spot. Vaporfi’s Pro 3 gave me a a very satisfying vape from the start, without any bells and whistles, and without any cough!

Perhaps it’s the tall atomizer or the battery. I honestly didn’t know why this beginner vape pen proved to be so satisfying. After all, it’s looks like any other eGo-styled ecig. 

Built-In Mouth to Lung Innovation

Vaporfi claims that the Pro 3 has what’s known as mouth-to-lung technology. This is supposed to mimic the smoking experience better than other vaporizers. You get a very satisfying, smooth vape. Simply hold the vapor in you mouth for a second or two, before inhaling it into your lungs. MTL vaping works best with higher ohm atomizer coils that are at least .08ohm.

The Pro 3 comes with a 2.0 ohm coil.  

The Pro’s design gave me a very full vape without  harshness or cough. The vapor is voluminous; similar to a box MOD which is unusual for a vape pen.

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The Pro 3 is very easy to use. Charge it, fill it and vape. And hey, it doesn’t leak and it doesn’t overheat. It also have built-in safety features.

You Can Create Color Combinations with the Pro 3 Vaporizer

Vaprofi Black and Red Pro 3 Vaporizer

The Pro 3 comes in lots of colors that you can mix and match. Lucky me; as a Manchester United fan I can mix a black tank with a red battery. Very cool at the pub.  With 9 color combinations you can flaunt your own team. They should really add a white model to accommodate everyone’s design choice. Get on it, Vaporfi.

Other Pro 3 Plus Points

  • The tank is less likely to break if you drop your ecig because it has an outer casing. That’s one advantage over glass tanks.
  • Vaporfi Pro 3 atomizerThe advanced atomizer is taller than most and has several little windows showing the cotton. You do have to prime the atomizer with e-liquid before you vape. Priming means dripping a few drops directly into the top of the atomizer and letting it rest for a bit. 
  • The Pro 3 Tank is easy to fill because you load it from the top. That means less chance of spilling your e-juice. Use a Vaporfi e-liquid which has a tiny tip on the bottle and there’s even less chance of spilling.
  • The instruction booklet is easy to read and understand. So many ecig instruction books drive you mad because they use tiny little print. The Pro 3’s booklet was actually written and designed by someone with vision.
  • My e-liquid didn’t burn up in a few hours and my atomizer didn’t get gunky after a week. Hooray – I never thought an easy-to-use ecig could combine both features.

It’s too bad the kit only comes with a USB charging cable. That means you charge it using your computer’s USB port. If you want a wall charger adapter you have to purchase it separately.

There’s no e-liquid included, but I’d rather buy my preferred flavor anyway.

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On the upside, the Pro 3 has pass-through technology, so you can vape this ecig while it’s on the charger.

Here’s What’s Included in the Pro 3 Starter Kit

  • 1 Pro 3 Tank (with pre-installed 2.0ohm Atomizer) and mouth-to-lung technology
  • 1 Pro 3 1000mAh Battery  (great long lasting power)
  • 1 Additional Pro 3 2.0ohm Atomizer
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 4 Pack of extra O-Rings (for drip tip and battery)
  • Instruction Manual


Specs & Features

  • 2.5mL Tank Capacity
  • Battery Capacity 1000mAh
  • Battery Voltage 3.5 volts
  • Atomizer Resistance 2.0ohm
  • Top Fill Tank Design


One other plus worth mentioning is that Vaporfi’s Pro 3 is lightweight and pocket-friendly, but unlike slim ecigs, cig-alikes, it doesn’t get lost in my car. (I am notorious for dropping my ecigs between the seat and center console where I can barely reach).


Vaporfi Pro 3 with Vanilla Carmel Bites eliquid

I rate the Pro 3 Vaporizer a healthy 9.8. for ease of use, mouth-to-lung technology and a truly satisfying vaping experience….and there’s FREE SHIPPING. The only downside I’ve noted is that the Starter Kit doesn’t include a Wall Charger Adapter.

Vaporfi website

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