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YAYA MAX Disposable Vape Pen Review


I was eager to test out the YAYA MAX disposable vape pen, as I’m a big fan of disposable vapes.

A lightweight disposable vape with Great Flavor and a Low Price, the YAYA MAX has become a favorite with vapers looking for a portable vape pen that needs no refilling, or charging.

What’s more, it will last for days, as it has a built-in 1500mAh battery.

Containing 5% nic salt e-liquid, the YAYA MAX’s juice is comparable to most disposable vapes.

I love the fact that you can choose from 13 different flavors, although some flavors are so popular, you may find that they are temporarily out of stock. I tried 3 flavors, Blue Raspberry, Honey Coco, and Honeydew Ice. While your own taste preferences differ, I found them all to be satisfying and true to taste!



Each YAYA MAX Disposable comes in a slim box that’s color coded to the flavor of the vape.

The disposable comes encased in plastic, and it’s easy to open. When you’re ready to vape, remove the sturdy plastic cover from the bottom of the device, along with the stopper that covers a hole in the mouthpiece.


YAYA MAX Honeydew Ice in hand

Each vape has its own color, depending on the flavor. As you can see, the YAYA MAX is discreet, and fits nicely in your hand — even if you have small hands, as I do! The device measures 4 inches in length, and 2 inches in width.

There’s no need to charge it, and there are no activation buttons to push. Remember not to put your finger on the bottom of the device, as it will stop the airflow.

I like that it has flat sides, so it won’t roll away when placed on a table or desk.


The draw is perfect — not too loose or too tight. At the bottom of the vape, a light turns on with each draw. If you want to see it, just look quickly, as it illuminates for about a second. Vapor production is quite good! It’s similar to quality pre-filled vape pods.

While this vape will give you 2500 puffs, you should allow several seconds between each puff. If you don’t, you won’t get a hit, as the YAYA is designed not to activate if you draw too frequently.



The YAYA MAX is very affordable. I found it for only $11.99.
That said, unless you buy at least $75 worth of products, you do pay for shipping.


  • 13 Flavors (although some may be temporarily out of stock)
  • Very portable, so it fits easily into your pocket or purse.
  • Approximately 2500 Puffs
  • Nicotine 5%
  • 1000mAh Internal Battery (lasts up to 8 hours of vaping), so the YAYA Max’s longevity is really up to how long you vape each day.
  • Priced under $12

YAYA also has other disposables available. In addition to the YAYA MAX, they currently offer, the YAYA Go 1600 (with approximately 1600 puffs), and the YAYA Superme 4k Rechargeable Disposable, which is great if your battery runs out before your e-liquid does.

Customers Give the YAYA MAX Top Ratings. So do we!

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