GRND RSRV Eliquids with High Vegetable Glycerin From VaporFi – Our Taste Test Review

Last updated on June 9th, 2023

Vaporfi’s High VG GRND RSRV Collection EJuice

vaporfi GRND RSRV e-liquids

IMPORTANT! Vaporfi no longer carries the GRND RSRV Collection, but they still carry a wide selection of High VG E-Liquids.

Popular e-cigarette company Vaporfi, famous for their enormous selection of mix and match e-liquids is keeping competitive by offering pre-steeped, high vegetable glycerin e-juice.  The new line of 8 flavors made up of 29 flavor blends. It’s called the GRND RSRV Collection. You also have the option of buying them in BIG 60ML bottles. 

Pre-steeped e-liquids are traditionally smoother and richer in taste than freshly made e-juices, but I’ve learned that it’s the ingredients that go into the recipe that keeps truly excellent e-liquids at the head of the line. 


Vaporfi Reserve E-Liquids come packaged in a nice box rather than just a bit of bubble wrap. I liked the fact that it’s easy to store and easy to recognize amongst other e-liquid bottles on the shelf.  

There’s a plastic outer casing and a child resistant cap which can be challenging to anyone of any age, (ahem), but you can be sure these bottles will never leak during shipping. 

There’s a traditional dropper, which is perfect for larger tanks; not so great for mini tanks and pod systems.

High Vegetable Glycerine Formula

If you’re wondering why higher VG content makes e-liquids more attractive, it’s because the higher the vegetable glycerine in the base, the greater the vapor production. VG is the ingredient that helps makes those voluminous vapor clouds, (although your atomizer and tank system is a major contributor as well). High VG blends are also a requirement for sub ohm vaping. Vaporfi’s GRNG RSRV Collection has a variety of PG/VG blends depending on the flavor ordered. 

What are the best Propylene Glycol free E-liquids?

All the e-liquids in the GRND RSRV are actually combinations of Vaporfi’s other e-liquid flavors. You can always mix and match their e-juices, but this collection does a nice job of making the selections for you.

On to the Taste Test!

I tested two out of the six new GRND RSRV flavors. I used my SMOK Morph 219 Vape with a TF Sub Ohm Tank that I purchased from Vaporfi. I thought it’s fair to give Vaporfi the advantage by using their hardware. 

I was well impressed and found myself refilling my tank long after my test taste was complete.

GRND RSRV Flavors Tested:

Vaporfi Catch ya Latte

Catcha Latte – This e-juice is a combination of

•Fresh Brewed Espresso

•Crushed Hazelnuts

•Caramel Swirl

•Syrup Drizzle

While I filled the tank, I could tell immediately that there was espresso and hazelnuts in this aromatic concoction. I was; however, surprised that the espresso was not the dominant flavor ingredient; it was actually hazelnuts (which I also enjoy but can rarely afford). The vape is rich and nutty, but not overpowering as some other latte vapes. I can’t say it’s as flavorful as in all natural e-liquids, but Catcha Latte passed my taste test.

Vaporfi Meringue O Tang

Meringue O Tang  This juice was my favorite of the two, and it only uses two main flavors. It’s a combination of Vaporfi’s Glazed Doughnut and Lemon Zest Custard, which gives it a nice “tang”. You might say it’s “sweet and tarty”. 

I was also pleased that there was no unpleasant, or fragrant after-taste as in so many other fruit type e-liquids. I recommend Meringue O Tang to anyone who prefers a not-too-sweet vape with voluminous vapor.

Your Choice of Bottle Size

As mentioned, various flavors within this collection are offered in different sizes. They all come in either the 60ml bottle size, or the 30ml size. Some flavors are offered in “bundles” which means you get a deal if you buy 2 of the 30ml sizes. I will say the GRND RSRV line up page is not the easiest to navigate as it is not sorted by flavor. 

My Rating for Vaporfi’s GRND RSRV E-Liquids 9.4-star-75

Vaporfi has definitely reached a higher level of excellence within their abundant e-liquids offerings. The GRNG RSRV Collection did not disappoint and for vapers leaning towards the higher VG experience I recommend it highly.

YOU SHOULD ALSO KNOW…VaporFi E-Liquids are all diacetyl-free and have been GRAS approved. They are also specifically made to be inhaled, meaning they are a step beyond “food grade”.

If you try it and like it, Vaporfi is one of the few ecig companies that offers a refill discount program. Sign up at Vaporfi and you’ll enjoy considerable savings.

Happy Vaping!

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