Halo Cigs E-Liquids Review – Purity and Child Resistant Bottles

Last updated on November 14th, 2021

Halo Products Are No Longer Available! Check out our Vaporfi Review!

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I was a big fan of Halo Cigs Premium Smoke Juice when I started reviewing their e-cigarettes and e-liquids. Halo still promises ejuice purity along with a wide variety of flavors.

The company (like all of the top sellers) has child-proof bottles. I will say, that unlike so many other e-liquid companies, Halo’s version of child-proof doesn’t also mean female-proof or senior proof! 

Purity and safety are just two reasons Halo has enjoyed a great reputation among seasoned vapers. They’ve been around since 2009. That’s as long as many of our staff members have been reviewing e-cigarettes.  

Halo’s Great Taste 

What impressed me most was not the fact that Halo e-juices are safety tested and 100% pure, (savvy vapers expect that nowdays), but the fact that their e-liquids taste good right out of the bottle. Forget waiting days “steeping” your liquid.

Learn more about Steeping E-Liquids

While many ejuice companies offer customization features, they don’t always match up to Halo’s true-tasting flavors.

It’s also great that you can get many of Halo’s flavors in prefilled cartridges too.

Excellent Selection

Since there are so many e-liquids from which to choose, the company divides their e-juices into three basic categories – The White Series, The Blue Series and the EVO Series.

The White Series features six tobacco and menthol flavors that are all quality flavors at a great low price. You can choose from zero to 24 mg/ml nicotine levels.

Also included is Fusion – an unflavored e-juice base for DIY vapers. Create your own flavors and recipes at your preferred or desired nicotine level. Fusion is particularly handy for those who cannot find an e-liquid flavor they enjoy.

The Blue Series features dessert, menthol, mint, tobacco and even unflavored e-juices for those who wish to add their own flavors. My favorite, Belgian Cocoa is part of this group. It’s truly decadent and in my opinion, more addicting than any level of nicotine.

Tobacco is one of the hardest flavors to duplicate, but Halo’s Tribeca is quite admirable. It also happens to be their best seller, second to Mystic, Halo’s best-selling Menthol. Their SubZero is triple strength for those who prefer a truly chilling vape.

Nicotine levels in the Blue Series range from zero to 34 mg/ml.

The largest (and sweetest) group of flavors is Halo’s EVO Collection. If you’re looking for fruity, sweet or salty flavors, you’ll find it here.

New to Halo is their Nic Salts E-Liquids. Nicotine Salts is a more natural version of traditional nicotine.

Halo’s Website is Easy to Navigate

With all those e-liquid flavors and all their hardware, the company has done a great job organizing their website. You can shop by flavor group,  bundles and even accessories. The nicotine salts e-juices have their own heading and special features (even a specialized salts vaporizer). You can even filter your search by PG/VG ratio or nicotine level.

Learn More About the PG Free E-Liquids

Halo Cigs Premium Smoke JuiceE-Juice Bottle Sizes

Right now Halo offers e-liquids in many sizes including little 10 ml sample bottles, all the way up to 120 mega-sized bottles for some of the EVO e-liquids.

Halo offers 4 types of Sample Packs – From tobacco samples to a variety pack.

Halo E-Liquids Samples

More About Safety and Purity

Halo eliquids are well known for their purity. All ejuices are American Made and all include USP grade ingredients. They’re also FEMA/GRAS approved.

I particularly like the fact that their 10ml ejuices are packaged in PET plastic while the 30ml bottles are glass. (even the dropper is glass).

As mentioned earlier, there’s a child proof twist top lid on the 10ml as well as the larger bottles. 

E-Liquid Analysis Report

As part of Halo’s dedication to quality and higher standards, all e-liquids undergo independent testing. When you view the information about each e-liquid, many flavors let you view the report which can confirm purity and that it is free of diacetyl.

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Free Shipping Policy?

Halo’s shipping fees vary according to item price, which product you buy, and when you buy it. You’ll find some e-liquids ship free, while other require a minimum purchase. The company is all over the place when it comes to shipping. Frankly I’d rather buy eliquids from Vaporfi which has free shipping, and better deals.

Here’s our wrap-up of Halo’s E-liquid Review



  • American made, independently Lab tested e-liquids with child-resistant safety caps
  • Large flavor selection



  • Complicated Shipping policy



    • E-Liquid UK Store on May 30, 2015 at 8:37 pm
    • Reply

    Excellent review, Mark, Halo are a fantastic company and their products are second to none. We’ll soon be stocking their products in our vape store.

      • on May 31, 2015 at 8:03 am
      • Reply

      Thanks Marty for the kind words. I have loads of vaporizers, but I still rank my Halo Triton Tank second to none and the sturdy little battery is going on 2.5 years! Good luck with your new store!


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