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Last updated on June 15th, 2022


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Hot Juice didn’t get to be one of the most popular vape juice brands by accident.  It only took a few puffs for me to fall in love with their e-liquids and to add them to my most recommended (and safest) e-juices list.

The Best Features of Hot Juice’s extensive line of e-juices include incredibly tasty vape flavors and accurately dosed CBD vape juice. All ingredients are locally sourced, Non-GMO, Kosher, Gluten Free and Vegan.

Hot Juice Promises icons for non-gmo, gluten free, vegan and kosher

They’re also the only vape juice brand in America offering both e-liquid and CBD vape juice on one website.

Hot Juice made waves in the vape industry with their understated bottle design and labeling. The company broke new ground and received the attention and admiration of the vape community with handcrafted e-juice made to order to every vaper’s specifications. It seems they attained almost instant success and notoriety thanks to their unique blending process, top quality ingredients and expediency with shipping orders out.

While they aren’t the oldest vape juice brand in the business, Hot Juice is run by experienced professionals with established names and reputations in the industry that go back over 13 years to the origins of modern vaping.

Hot Juice E-Liquid Flavors


Today there are plenty of e-juice companies making a fairly standard product. Most deliver a similar flavor intensity and cloud production. However, I found that Hot Juice e-liquids are created with performance in mind above catchy names and label art. They have their over 65 varieties. 

Hot Juice offers a nice range of nicotine options from 3mg to 24 mg/ml including nicotine free vape.

Hot Juice’s Excellent CBD E-Liquids

For many of us who prefer to vape CBD, Hot Juice has a finely curated cross-section of flavor combinations in personalized dosages and VG/PG ratios. That’s rare. 

CBD is known to reduce anxiety and pain, and many take it for insomnia. I started vaping it when I feel overwhelmed with work and can’t sleep. It really does have a relaxing effect.

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If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, it is a cannabidiol, or a dietary supplement extracted from industrial hemp. Hot Juice CBD contains no THC so there is no psycotropic effect – meaning you won’t get high. The cannabidiol they use is 99% pure…and legal to purchase.

The CBD is then combined with traditional components of eJuice – propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and flavoring.

CBD Vape Juice does not contain nicotine; in fact, it doesn’t make sense to mix nicotine based vape juice with CBD Vape Juice.

How Much CBD E-Liquid Should You Vape?


The CBD levels offered by Hot Juice are 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, 2000 mg, and 5000 mg (which is quite high).

According to Hot Juice, you should start  with a low dose, especially if you have little or no experience with CBD. It’s better to take a few small doses over the course of the day rather than one big dose.

Work your way up slowly until you experience the desired effects.

CBD absorption will vary dependent upon a broad spectrum of factors, however, it is suggested that users implement the slow build principle of personal investigation to best decide what milligram of CBD is optimal for their needs.


Impressive Selection

With so many flavors available, Hot Juice separates their e-liquid into nine categories. They’re categorized by dessert, beverage, cereal, fruit, candy, coffee, tobacco, nuts & spices and menthol flavored e-liquid.

Although they only offer eleven flavored CBD e-juice flavors to date, there are enough options to satisfy any vaper.

Two bottle sizes on table for Hot Juice Crunch Master eliquids

Some of my favorites from the e-liquid flavors were

  • Crunch Master –  an ode to Captain Crunch with the creamy taste of milk.
  • Crispy Churro which tasted and smelled just like a fresh made churro.
  • Lemon Up which was like vaping the actual soda.

Hot Juice lounge-cherry-cbd-vape-juice bottle on pool deck against green hills

On the CBD vape side, Lounge Cherry was like a sweet, ripe fruit and Island Dream had that vacation cocktail taste of tropical fruits blended with whipped cream. Be mindful of your doses with this one.

I should mention that they offer some of the most authentic and best tasting tobacco vape juice blends I’ve ever used…and I’m not a big fan of tobacco flavored e-liquids.  For the moment, they offer five separate blends and none of them have the lingering taste common with tobacco vapes.

Keep in mind, changing the CBD dosage doesn’t change the flavor. Since every bottle is made to the user’s specifications, it isn’t made weeks or months in advance and left to sit on a shelf somewhere.

While some vapers enjoy pre-steeped e-liquids to enhance flavor, buying fresh vape juice gives you more control over steeping, as opposed to manufacturer’s suggestions and the possibility of inaccurate dates.

Learn more about steeping e-juices.

Easy Site Navigation

The Hot Juice Portal is incredibly easy to use and after speaking with them I understand why. Hot Juice went through a lengthy process of building their website from the ground up to make it the most efficient and functional shopping experience available to the vaping community.

A handy sidebar is always within clicking distance to browse through sections, other items you’ve looked at, or their library of informational articles on vaping and CBD.

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Bottle Sizes of Hot Juice eLiquid and CBD

Due to their made-to-order system of juice production, Hot Juice, like most best vape brands, offers their e-liquid flavors in 30ml or 100ml bottle sizes. Their CBD vape juice only comes in 100ml. However, trust me when I tell you it’s well worth investing in a 100ml bottle because their flavors are so good, you’ll vape right through them.

Hot Juice E-Liquid Laboratories

The Hot Juice Company has gained attention for the quality and intensity of their juice. Aside from using ingredients that are sourced locally to their Los Angeles, CA location, they create each bottle in a clean, safe environment to ensure every bottle that leaves their headquarters is free from contaminants and delivers the best vapor possible from the break of the seal.

Their child-proof dripper bottles are made of a safe, durable plastic and every package of Hot Juice that arrives at your door is marked with a unique label that says it was made just for you, which is kinda cool.

Accurate CBD Analysis

Although many CBD e-juice varieties boast certain amounts of cannabidiol in every bottle, Hot Juice measures their dosage by volume. In fact, you can view their independent lab reports right on their website. Of course, all Hot Juices are diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl propionyl free.

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Auto Delivery and Free Shipping

One of the most useful features of Hot Juice is their auto-delivery program. You to sign up for regular deliveries of their products as you need them. Essentially, you’ll no longer have to run out in the middle of the night searching for whatever is available. In addition, subscribers to Hot Juice auto-delivery get a discount as long as they’re enrolled. They also offer free shipping for all orders over $50.

Hot Juice E-Liquid Review Wrap Up



• Over sixty five tasty e-juice flavors and eleven CBD e-liquid flavors

• Only vape juice brand in America offering both e-liquid and CBD vape juice on one website

• All e-juice products are made to order at their Los Angeles CA facility

• Ingredients are locally sourced, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan and Kosher Certified

  • The cannabidiol used to make their CBD e-juice is 99% pure.



• CBD eliquid only available in 100ml bottles

• Must spend $50 to qualify for free shipping


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