Are You Sure Your Vape Mod Isn’t a Clone?

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022

Are you sure your vaporizer isn't a clone?

Some of the Most Popular Vape Mods Are Fakes

E-Cigarette regulations are at hand, but you can still fall prey to unscrupulous retailers, or those who unknowingly sell you a look-alike Vape Mods. Fake ecigs are known as “clones” or “knockoffs“. Clones have been described as a “third-party rendition of the original developer’s design”. They are sold at a cheaper price but are supposed to be constructed with the same parts as the real deal. Knockoffs look like the original on the outside, but inside they’re made with cheap materials that can make them dangerous to use. 

There’s still a debate whether it’s smart to buy cloned mechanical Mods, Vaporizers and rebuildable atomizers, but in any case, you the consumer should know what you’re getting. 

How Can You Be Sure You’re Buying a Genuine (and Safe) E-Cigarette Product?

fake vs real vaporizers

The problem is that many fake vape mods look almost exactly like the real product!  Unfortunately, counterfeiters know that vapers are always looking for a terrific, low price, and they take advantage of that fact.  So what’s a savvy vaper to do? 

How to Make Sure Your Vaporizer Isn’t a Clone or a Knockoff

  • Don’t buy eicgs on eBay. No vape or vaporizer mod manufacture authorizes sales on eBay. Truly “authorized” dealers are the larger on-line ecig companies

Counterfeit resellers can easily buy ecig fakes of popular brands that are made in Asia; brands that include Innokin, Aspire, Eleaf, Kanger and Joyetech. 

  • Steer clear of vape shops when it comes to buying vape mods and atomizers unless the owner can prove they are an “official reseller” of the imported brand I wish to purchase.   

What’s more, returning any of those models from small retailers can be difficult as they are not terribly keen on sending merchandise back to China.

  • Do your homework. Shop from larger, reputable suppliers such as Vaporfi ,   DirectVapor or They are just three of the official, registered retailers of top vape products (including vape mods), and they offer many popular brands.  They assure customers that they’re not going to get a clone and certainly not a knockoff. Also, if something isn’t working right with your product, you’ll get your money back with their 30-day guarantee.

Vaporfi only recently became a retailer of top-selling imports, expanding their own beginner line of vapor products. Prices on both and DirectVapor are also very competitive; another good reason to try these recommended brands. 

You can check out all the new devices offered on any of our recommended seller’s websites, including one of our favorites – DirectVapor.

Here’s a nice coupon for another recommended seller of vaporizers for e-liquids, oils, dry herbs and concentrates.

Have you every bought a vaporizer mod product that turned out to be a fake brand? We always welcome your comments.


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