How Does Nicotine Affect the Body? Is it Easy to Get Nicotine Poisoning?

Last updated on November 14th, 2021

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Can You Get Nicotine Poisoning from Vaping? What are the Symptoms?

Whether you’re smoking or vaping, nicotine does affect the body. But can you get sick or even get nicotine poisoning? How do you know you’re getting too much nicotine? What are the first symptoms? Is vaping nicotine just as bad as smoking?

We’ll give you the answers, but first you may want to know if there’s actually a specific amount of nicotine that will satisfy your nic craving.

How Much Nicotine Does it Take to Get the Desired Effect?

Both smokers and vapers agree; they enjoy the experience because it makes them feel good! The smoke or vapor can make you feel either relaxed or stimulated. Yes, nicotine works in mysterious ways. In any case, a new vaper has to adjust to the transition from smoking to vaping.

If you’ve been smoking over a pack a day, seasoned vapers recommend you start vaping with one of the higher level nicotine e-juices or pods, but for the average smoker a 1.8% level should keep you satisfied.

Does Your Vaping Style Affect Nicotine Delivery?

How you vape will make a difference in your nicotine absorption. If you like to vape continuously for long periods, you will naturally get a higher nicotine level in your bloodstream, (unless you vape using a low or zero nic e-liquid). This style of vaping is not unusual for people who work at home, or sit at their computers vaping for hours on end. Most vapers will vape as they would smoke a cigarette – for a few minutes every several hours.

The Style of Your  Vaporizer or Vape Pen Can Also Make a Difference in Nicotine Delivery

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With more advanced vaping setups, high wattage and sub ohm capabilities, you will definitely be getting more nicotine from your vape. Wondering how much more?

If you’re using a new-generation ecig, (typically eGo styles, large vape pens and Mod style vaporizers), scientific testing resulted in as much as 71.6% higher plasma nicotine levels compared to the first-generation device (cig-alikes). But there’s no need to freak out just yet.

According Dr. Konstantin E. Farsalinos, the renowned clinical researcher who specializes in the effects of vaping, smoking tobacco is still more efficient when it comes to drug delivery. 

“Compared to smoking one tobacco cigarette, the EC devices and liquid used in this study delivered one-third to one-fourth the amount of nicotine after 5 minutes of use. New-generation EC devices were more efficient in nicotine delivery, but still delivered nicotine much slower compared to tobacco cigarettes.”

K. Farsalinos study 

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What Are the Signs That You’re Vaping Too Much Nicotine?

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If you are getting too much nicotine in your system, your body will be the first to tell you; in fact you’ll know within the first fifteen minutes. You will likely take measures to avoid nicotine poisoning from ever getting close to happening.

Symptoms That You Are Getting Too Much Nicotine

  • You may feel queasy or nauseous
  • Your breathing may be heavy or fast
  • Symptoms can include confusion, feeling off-balance or dizziness
  • You may get a headache or a stomachache
  • Heart rate may increase
  • Your mouth may start to water excessively
  • Your skin may look paler than usual
  • Blood pressure may increase

Most people who are vaping and experience any of the above symptoms usually stop using their ecig, and get a drink of water. That’s why there are so few cases of nicotine poisoning. Still, it can take an hour or two to feel better. If you don’t feel better, you should seek medical help as you may have a mild case of poisoning.

The fact is, the mortality rate from nicotine poisoning is extremely low, and some research suggests that it takes as much as 500-1000 mg of oral nicotine (taken at one time) to kill an adult.

Having other symptoms? You may be sensitive to propylene glycol. Learn more about it.

When it Comes to Vaping, You Are In Control

Tolerance of nicotine is going to vary with every individual. It’s good to know that most vaping products are designed to let you choose your preferred level of nicotine. 

Many vapers find that over time they’re able to reduce the amount of nicotine they vape. 

Even if you’re vaping 0 nicotine, the very act of inhaling that vapor may make you realize it isn’t the nic you’re craving, but the comfortable sensation of that hand to mouth action and the simple inhalation of a tasty vapor.

Remember, many respected scientists and health agencies agree that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Nicotine, unlike the tar in cigarettes, is not a carcinogen, nor has it been proven that vaping causes heart disease. Yes, it is an addictive substance, but even the FDA agrees that nicotine substitutes are a viable part of tobacco harm reduction. 


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