What Makes An E-Liquid Organic? The Truth Is Out!

Last updated on November 14th, 2021

My Interview with the CEO of Organic E-Liquid Company -Kind Juice

Interview with Kind Juice

After many years researching and reviewing e-liquids, I’ve found that most people are looking for e-liquids that have pure ingredients. But what does “pure” really mean? Is it because the e-liquid is free from dangerous chemicals? Does it mean it’s organic?

Scores of companies promise purity, but few can back it up by explaining their manufacturing process, or doing something as simple as listing their ingredients.

Frankly, I never really thought much about the importance of listing all the ingredients, as long as it was clear that the e-juice was free of diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl propionyl.

Read More About Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl.

I also never felt the need to learn all about the manufacturing details. 

It wasn’t until I was contacted by Kind Juice. I was surprised to discovered just how different they were from most e-liquid companies…even those that claim to be “pure”.

The Truth Behind Organic E-Liquids

Since I had a plethora of questions about whether vapers really needed to consider organic e-juices, I asked for an interview with one of Kind Juice’s representatives and was excited when the company’s CEO, Imani Althea agreed.

I first asked Ms. Althea why Kind Juice goes beyond simply describing the taste of a particular flavor, or telling you that it is diacetyl-free.

I learned that the quality, purity, and the disclosure of ingredients was the main reason her family started selling natural e-juices.

The whole idea began after she purchased a “cigalike” for a family member years ago, in the hope that they would quit smoking.

Ms. Althea explained,

“To our surprise they were very hesitant to even try it! The first question they asked was, ‘what’s in it?’

“At the time, we had no idea, and figured we should do a little research so we could feel confidant recommending such products. We quickly discovered that we were not impressed with the ingredients.”


What Makes An E-Liquid Pure?

The discovery inspired the family to create Kind Juice e-liquids. They are made with only natural ingredients that come from organic farms.

Not only are they purely organic and PG Free, they’re also gluten free, GMO free, and dairy free. There’s also no mystery as to what’s included every bottle.

Ms. Althea shared her story.

“We took a big risk and spared no expense to search for the absolute purest ingredients we could find. It was worth it, because now there’s a haven for people all around the world who are either very sensitive to impurities, allergic to PG, possibly react to artificial flavors, or just might simply be very discerning when it comes to taste.” 

“Since our very first bottle, we felt that our customers had a right to know what they were using. We made it common practice, (before it was ever enforced), to list our ingredients.”

Kind Juice story


Kind Juice harvests it’s flavors by extracting them directly from the source, being organic farms.  I was unclear about the extraction method, so I asked how it differs from those used by non-organic e-liquid companies.

Imani replied…

“It all starts with the raw ingredients; however, it’s our unique process combined with our expertise that all comes together in the final result.

“We here at Kind Juice use several methods of extraction and acquire raw materials from around the globe. It’s very commonplace in our industry for businesses to use artificial ingredients. It’s the norm really. We don’t shun them. All we provide is a product for those who seek the best.”


USP Grade VG – Is It Really the Purest You Can Get?

One of the most common ingredients in e-liquid is propylene glycol; however it is not used in organic e-liquids because it is synthetic. That’s why Kind Juice uses only VG and natural flavors.

I thought VG that was USP grade was the best available. It was a real eye-opener finding out that wasn’t the case at all. Kind Juice only uses certified organic VG. 

“The reason we went with organic VG as opposed to non organic regular USP grade is due to way the glycerin is manufactured. During the processing of glycerin many factors come into play…where it’s sourced, good manufacturing practices, extraction methods, and overall analysis of impurities. Plus, it just tastes better!”


I can attest to that. As a reviewer, I’ve yet to vape a Kind Juice flavor that didn’t live up to its name. What’s more, other organic e-liquids I’ve tested, tasted like perfume. Why? I really don’t know, but I didn’t get that at all with Kind Juice. Every flavor tasted exactly as the ingredients listed next to its name.

Imani had an interesting response.

“We’ve tried the same food recipe time and time again and you will always remember the best one. Taste is based on perception and sometimes people can pick up the subtle differences in flavors depending on their emotional state…They are the colors that are painting our life.

“We live with our flavors during as many states and places as we can in order to read the story it’s trying to tell. Seeking the nuances in between the layers of molecules. Once we find that moment that puts a smile on our face where we cannot speak because we are so immersed in the experience of the flavor…then we know it’s there.”


Three Categories of E-Juice

Kind Juice has three organic flavor formulas.

According to Imani,

“Our E Nectars and Tobacco Ridge can be easily vaped in older or newer technology. We do recommend cooler temps to avoid any burn and for best flavor experience. 

“Sub Element is our pro series line formulated for maximum viscosity. This collection is best suited for hobbyists or seasoned vaporists who directly drip onto their coil builds. The line showcases very complex international flavors that can also be enjoyed with those who have a sub ohm tank.

“We’ve spent many years perfecting our viscosity and waiting for the technology to catch up to us! What’s “perfect” today might need some tweaking tomorrow as the technology evolves, so it’s a never ending crafting puzzle. Thankfully we’ve got the passion and enjoy what we do so much that it makes cracking the code fun!” 


Kind Juice prides themselves on their tobacco flavors. I, along with so many vapers think they are the best available. I suspected that it had to be more than just being organic, so I asked Ms. Althea if she would tell me their secret.

“Tobacco Ridge is a labor of love! It has to be because it takes 6 months to create from start to finish. Patience is truly a virtue.

“We base our steeping time according to the seasons. At our seasonal peak, our liquids undergo over 150+ hours of steeping. Our Tobacco Ridge line ages an additional 4 months to reach it’s fullness. 

“We are very pleased with the distinctiveness of each of the 8 flavors in the collection. They range from sweet and delicate to spicy and robust. We will be sure to let you know when we distribute the “golden tickets” behind our labels…so you may win a peek into our world :)”


Not All Nicotine is Equal

Nicotine formula


One ingredient that vapers (and so many of our readers) ask about is nicotine. Are some really purer than others?

Kind Juice uses “Cold Purified Extracted Nicotine”. I asked Imani to explain why this type of organic nicotine is more natural than those used in other e-liquids.

She replied,

“This is a very good good question! We use an extremely pure and concentrated nicotine extract that is free of heavy metal contamination, pesticide free, and GMO free.

“As far as organic nicotine is concerned, you would assume that it would be better; however, this is not the case due to how it’s currently processed. The organic nicotine on the market now is truly inferior because for starters, it’s been extracted through hot temperatures in water which degrades and dilutes the nicotine. Our nicotine is neither degraded nor diluted.”


Returns on E-Juice?

I don’t know of any e-liquid company that honors a return on e-liquids…but Kind Juice does. Taste preference is so subjective. That must say a lot about the quality of their juice and it being “true to taste”.

Here’s what Imani had to say.

“It’s a one time courtesy we offer for our new customers. Sometimes people make the wrong decision on a flavor that might not be for them. For example, Indonesian Clove has a strong following, but I can assure you that if you are not a clove fan, chances are you are not going to appreciate it!…Ultimately, our goal is to help people have a successful transition into vaping.”


I had to congratulate Ms. Althea for the many awards Kind Juice has received. They were the winner in the 2 most recent Spinfuel top e-liquids awards, as well as the Vape Awards. I wondered what award- winning flavors put them on the list?

She commented,

“They are fun, and we are humbled to have won them, but the best award we’ve won thus far comes straight from the people’s hearts.

“Every review, comment, call, email, and personal message we get thanking us, or telling us how our products made a positive difference in their lives, touches us greatly.

“As a company and family, we take time to read out, (through the speakers at our plant), some of the reviews and stories to our team. It’s become a tradition and everyone knows that they played a role in manifesting that positive experience for that person.”


As for the flavors that have won awards, they are, Key West Sunset, Once In A Blue Moon, and Highway 66, (to name only a few).

Some of the team’s personal favorites didn’t make the list, such as Dawn of the Living Grapefruit, or Harmony. I’d give Dawn of the Living Grapefruit an award for the name alone :).

In Conclusion

I must express my sincere thanks to Imani Althea for answering my questions about Kind Juice’s ingredients, manufacturing methods and standards…and for clarifying the details on what makes an organic e-liquid truly pure.

For vapers looking for great tasting e-liquids free of synthetic chemicals and totally organic; and for all who want to know exactly what’s in their e-liquids, look no further than Kind Juice.

Happy Vaping!

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