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Premium Discount E-Cigarettes-EGOs-Mods

KangerTech Drip Box from Premium

Last updated on November 14th, 2021The Best Place to Find the Lowest Prices on Vape Products Including Mechanical Mods    When I first started vaping premium e-cigarettes way back in 2010, I always shopped on-line, but it was hard finding a reputable site that guaranteed the lowest prices on imported vape products like KangerTech’s DripBox (shown above), …

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What Are the Chances My E-Cigarette Will Explode?

exploded e-cig batteries in hand

Last updated on February 10th, 2022What Are the Chances My E-Cigarette Will Explode? You’re probably reading this article because you’re wondering if your e-cigarette, or vape MOD will explode. Maybe you read a story, (or several for that matter) about an e-cigarette that blew up in a man’s face…or in his pants, or while he …

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