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Natural Nicotine Salts – Are They a Healthier, Safer Choice?

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Last updated on June 29th, 2023 What You Need to Know About Natural Nicotine Salts Since the popularity of the JUUL vape pen, e-liquids that use natural nicotine salts, are becoming available to vapers who want to use them in their vape pens. But like all e-juice ingredients, health conscious individuals are anxious to know …

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Is JUUL Really the Rare Jewel of Vaping?

JUUL kit

Last updated on March 23rd, 2024 JUUL May Be One of the Most Popular Vape Pens in America, But How Did it Get to Be Number 1? Wired Magazine once said the JUUL “Might just be the first great e-cig”. That’s a pretty impressive statement. It came at a time when JUUL was still owned …

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