The Cost of Vaping Can Be Cheaper Than You Think

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023

The Cost of Vaping Can Be Cheaper Than You Think

It’s a well known fact that vaping is cheaper than smoking cigarettes…but how much cheaper is it to vape rather than smoke?

In 2015 Time inc.’s online magazine, said “Vaping Is 95% Healthier and 40% Cheaper Than Smoking”.  

Well, it’s now several years later and the vaping industry has grown. Ecigs are saving even more lives, and there are a lot more ways to save on vaping products. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new vaper or you’ve been vaping for years.

You Can Save Even More Money Vaping vs. Smoking By Following Our Vape Tips

How to Keep Down the Cost of Vaping Devices

The average vaper will spend between $35 to $45 dollars on an ecig starter kit. Some people will spend a lot more. Why do they do that? Usually they think an expensive vaporizer is more likely to help them quit smoking, but that’s not true. There are now low- priced vaping devices that are remarkably satisfying.

1- Start Out With a Vape Pen Designed for Beginner Vapers

If you’re just starting to vape, choose a vape pen that’s good for beginners. That doesn’t mean it’s inferior to intermediate or advanced models – it will just be cheaper, and it will be designed for ease of use.

Your first e-cig doesn’t have to be a cigalike either. Some vape pens, are as lightweight and as portable as a cigarette; in fact, they’re specifically designed for smokers making the transition to vaping.

There are great beginner vape pens that sell for as little as $29.99! 

Some larger beginner vape pens, like the Vaporesso Sky Solo, let you add your own e-liquids. This model won’t burn up e-liquid as fast as more advanced vaporizers, and you’ll still get great vapor and full flavor.

2- Buy From the Discount Vape Companies – They Really Are Cheaper 

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned vaper, you can save more money vaping by buying from a discount ecig company. I like DirectVapor because they’re not only cheaper than other ecig companies, they guarantee the lowest prices on all their vaping products.  

They’ll even refund the difference if you find the same model for a lower price. 

Discount vape company directvapor

Visit DirectVapor

DirectVapor is a U.S. company, but they are a registered seller of popular imported ecig brands like Kanger, Aspire, Eleaf, Innokin, Smoktech, Vaporesso, and more. When a company qualifies to be registered, it means you’re guaranteed to get a quality vaping device – not a cheap clone or a knockoff. You’ll also get a warranty.

How to Save Money On E-Liquids

According to an e-cigarette forum poll, most vapers use between 2-5 milliliters of e-juice per day. In a large survey conducted by world renowned researcher, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, vapers used an average of 3ml per day.

At an average cost of $16 per 30ml bottle, expect to pay about $389.33 per year on e-liquids. That’s a lot less than the yearly cost of tobacco cigarettes (estimated in 2014 to be around $2,569), but there are now ways to save even more money.

1For New Vapers, Smaller is Better

If you want to add your preferred e-liquid flavor to your vape pen, I suggest you start out by buying smaller bottles of e-juice. 

There are thousands of e-liquid flavors and hundreds of companies selling e-liquids. E-liquids from two different companies may have the same flavor name, but they can taste dramatically different, so expect to experiment!

Some of my favorite e-liquid companies sell economical 30ml bottles.

2- For Those Already Vaping, Bigger is Better 

If you’ve already found your preferred flavor e-liquid and want to reduce your cost, you’ll save more by buying larger bottles, even if they cost more than the 10 or 20 ml bottles. 

Many companies – including those on our safest e-liquids list now have both small and large-sized bottles.

Take Advantage of Vape E-Liquids and Hardware Sales and Discounts

Generic Holiday Banner

You can guarantee, if it’s a U.S. Holiday, there’s a vape sale on. I have to admit, it takes a bit of work finding those sales, but I do it, and compile the list during those major holidays. We include all the best deals and coupon codes. Just use our search box and put in the name of the holiday.

It’s best, if you check back to this website right before a national holiday for the most up-to -date deals. Or you can just follow us on Twitter and we’ll keep you posted.

Other Ways to Keep Down Your Vaping Costs

1- Don’t Choose Sub-Ohm Vaping

Nothing uses up e-liquid faster than a vaporizer with a sub-ohm atomizer coil. If you don’t know what an atomizer coil is, it’s the part of your ecig that heats the e-liquids. 

Sub-ohm coils can produce some amazing vapor clouds, but it takes a toll. Not only on your e-liquid by burning it faster, but on your atomizer, which has to work harder.

If you really want to save money on e-liquids, choose an atomizer with an ohm resistance above 1.0. Most beginner vape pens work great with those atty’s. 

Read more about Sub-Ohm Vaping

2- Clean Your Tank and Atomizer at Least Once a Week

Keeping your atomizer clean does more than just improve the flavor of your vape. Cleaning your atomizer will actually extend its life.

Yes, one of the ongoing costs of vaping is buying a new atomizer pack about once a month. Eventually your e-liquid will start to taste burnt. 

Check Out How to Clean Your Atomizer

3- Rebuild Your Atomizer Coils

If you’re a serious vaping hobbyist, you may want to rebuild your own coils. Of course, you’ll have to do some serious research to learn the ropes. Safety will always be an issue.

4 – Join Your Favorite Vape Company’s Loyalty and Auto-Ship Programs

The best vape companies want your continued business! That’s why they offer those added discount programs that give you reduced prices on your e-liquid and atomizer coil supplies.

If you already have a preferred vape company, check to see if they have some kind of rewards program. 

Here are the programs I have used. You can always change your delivery frequency and quantity preferences, or cancel at any time. Some programs are better than others, so read on.

Vaporfi e-cigarettes and e-liquids


South Beach Smoke



5- Make Your Own E-Liquids

It’s not that difficult to make your own e-juice if you’re an ecig hobbyist. After your initial output for supplies, it’s much cheaper than buying them. All you need is a few ingredients: 

  1. PG 
  2. VG 
  3. Flavorings made to inhale, 
  4. Vodka or distilled water
  5. Diluted Nicotine
  6. Mixing supplies such as empty plastic bottles and rubber gloves



According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices for cigarettes were 169.15% higher in 2000 than 2018.
Those prices are expected to continue rising. Vape products, on the other hand, are getting cheaper as the industry grows.
That’s all great news, but you can keep down the cost of vaping even more if you follow our tips for savvy vaping.

You’ll find that 40% cheaper than smoking can easily turn into 80% cheaper.

Happy Vaping!

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