EGO Style Vaporizers – How They Differ From Stick Cig-Alike Ecigarettes

Last updated on June 17th, 2023

Comparing Regular Ecigs to Vaporizers

three popular vape pens and mods

How to Vape Pens and Vaporizers Differ from E-Cigarette Cigalikes?

The highly innovative e-cigarette industry is keeping up with the unstoppable technology highway.  Since 2015, many traditional e-cigarette companies have seen the future and have introduced eGo tank Systems, advanced vaporizers and vape mods.

Although the term “eGo” ecig is now rarely used by vapers, it represents the wide range of vape products that use a tank you fill with your own e-liquid.

Most of these products are larger and heavier than traditional cig-alike ecigarettes so they do not have the “feel” of a cigarette. If you are just starting out, a quality cigalike e-cigarette may be your best choice to begin making the transition from tobacco cigarettes, but if you’re looking for more control and greater vapor production, vape pens with an e-liquid tank, and the more advanced vaporizers with a larger tank are the way to go.

Here Are the Main Advantages of E-Cigarette Vape Pens and Vaporizers:

A- You can add your own e-liquid to your refillable e-liquid tank or clearomizer.

B- E-liquid tanks last far longer than replaceable e-cigarette cartridges.

C- Larger Vape Pens like the uncomplicated Innokin Endura T18 (shown below) deliver more vapor.

D- You can customize the throat hit which can be strong or gentle. This includes being able to choose the ratio of propylene glycol (PG) to vegetable glycerine (VG) in your selected e-liquid.

E- Because there are so many options available, you can choose the size and style of your e-liquid tank

F- Advanced vape MODS let you choose the OHM resistance level for your tank’s atomizer, allowing you to create a hotter or cooler vape.

Vaporesso GTX GO 40


G- Some tanks let you adjust the air intake level, so you can regulate the draw on your vaporizer. The Vaporesso GTX GO 40 does just that.

H- You can choose from different atomizer styles which can save on e-liquid and make cleaning your tank easier and more thorough.

I- Some vaporizers allow you to heat herbs, wax, leaves, and essential oils. (including medical cannabis). These models, (as in all ecigs), the vapor is produced with heat, not flame or any type of combustion.

Finding the perfect eGo style vaporizer is easy. Just check out our Guide to the Top Selling Vaporizer Kits or read some of our unbiased product reviews.

Traditional E-Cigarettes May Still Be Best For Your Vaping Style

If you want to keep your vaping experience uncomplicated, or just prefer the look and feel of a stick “cig-alike” ecigarette, our Top 10 Highest Rated E-Cigarettes and our many reviews will direct you to the company that best suits your e-cigarette needs.

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