How to Stop your Ecigarette Atomizer Coils from Burning

Last updated on November 14th, 2021

the taste of burnt coils

Here Are Some Tips for Preventing Premature Burnout of Your Ecig Atomizer Coils While Extending Wick Life

Everyone wants to enjoy their vaporizer and their favorite e-liquid for as long as possible, certainly before it’s time to go through the somewhat arduous task of replacing the atomizer. Atomizer coils typically last several weeks before your vape begins to taste burnt – a sure sign that you need a fresh atty.

But there are times when those coils (a/k/a wicks) burn out far too quickly, which is not only a bummer, it can get costly. 

Unfortunately, the only way to solve the problem once it occurs is to buy and install a new atomizer head or rebuild the coils. Sometimes you also have to replace the e-liquid in the tank which can absorb some of that nasty taste.

Take heart!…there are several things you can do to prevent premature atomizer coil burn-out and extend wick life, but first it’s helpful to know…

Why Do Those Atomizer Wicks Burn Out So Quickly?

Here’s a little vaporizer factoid;

Your e-juice turns into a vapor because it gets hot. It gets hot because an e-cig, being an electronic device, sends an electric flow to your atomizer coil when you press the activation button. The coil then heats up the wick which is soaked with e-liquid and the e-liquid turns into vapor. 

Major Burnout Reason #1

You ran out of juice.

Yes, it can be that simple. If the temperature of the atomizer coil gets too hot, the e-juice burns and you get what’s known as a dry hit. The main reason why this happens is because there’s enough e-liquid in the tank. The e-liquid absorbs some of the heat produced by the vaporizing process preventing the coil from overheating.

Also, each time the e-liquid gets vaporized, the wick dries out just a bit, so keeping it moist with e-juice slows down the drying process.

Major Burnout Reason #2

You put in a new atomizer, but you didn’t prime your coils

In the “old” days, ecig manufacturers said nothing about having to prime your coils. That’s because most coils contained either top wicks as in the old-styled Halo Triton Tank.

Halo cigs original Triton Tank System

Old Halo Triton Tank   System

Or the super-slim Express tank by Vaporfi 

Vaporfi Express Mini-Clear

Vaporfi Express Mini-Clear

Those atomizers get soaked with e-juice as you fill the tank, but today coils are getting more sophisticated and they’re made to last longer. The problem is they need to be primed with e-liquid before you start vaping. Why? It’s the shape of the coil.

For example, Vaporfi’s excellent VIO Go Vaporizer comes with a vertical style coil made with a dense Japanese organic cotton.

Vaporfi VIO GO Vaporizer

If the cotton within the atomizer doesn’t fully saturate, the coil will burn. For vaporizers and vape pens, you drip a few drops of your e-juice onto the little coil windows. For Pod Vapes you let the juice sit in the pod for a few minutes before you vape.  It’s a bit more work, but it’s really worth that extra step.

Priming coil with eliquid

Major Burnout Reason #3

You are a chain vaper

Vaping hours on end does have several drawbacks including using up the whole bottle your favorite e-juice in a couple of days AND drying out your wick faster than you can say Vaper’s Tongue.  Atomizers need to cool down a bit between vaping sessions otherwise the overheating will dry out the vaporizing system.

Major Burnout Reason #4

Your e-liquid is High VG, but your vaporizer can’t handle it

High VG e-liquid is very popular right now for 2 main reasons.  It’s recommended for sub-ohm atomizers and many vapers who have PG sensitivities prefer the higher VG ratios. The problem with VG and premature coil burnout and dry hits is that vegetable glycerin is thicker than propylene glycol. Unless you have a vaporizer designed for sub-ohm and high VG e-juice you’re going to compromise the life of your coils. The coil must absorb the thicker e-liquid and the battery must maintain a level temperature. Some vaporizers that are designed to handle high VG e-liquids are TC (temperature control) devices. DirectVapor and Vaporfi have has several good ones. 

So before you blame your e-liquid company for selling you juice that always turns bitter or ruins your coils, become more mindful of how you vape. Just follow the above tips and you’ll have a happier and more economical vaping experience.


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