How to Succeed at Vaping Without Really Trying

Last updated on February 12th, 2022

The Best Success Tips for Anyone Thinking About Switching to E-Cigarettes

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Are you a smoker who’s thinking of trying e-cigarettes? Are you reluctant to try them because you think they may not be safe? Maybe you think it’s too much of an effort, or the investment of time and money is too great.

Why Give Up Before You Have a Real Reason to Give Up?

Our team is committed to helping smokers make an easy and effective transition to electronic cigarettes. Here are some excellent tips recommended by vapers who have successfully made the switch.

1- Why You Shouldn’t Buy Drug Store or Gas Station E-Cigarettes

Drug store convenience store ecigarettes

There’s a good chance you’ll be disappointed. Retail e-cigarettes are pre-packaged with factory seconds of low quality brands. They do not produce much vapor, the flavors are awful and the vape is usually too harsh. According to reviewers across the country (not just us), convenience store ecigs are inferior to the reputable on-line brands dedicated to product purity, safety and satisfaction.

2- Find the Right E-Cigarette  Style For Your Needs

How to choose the right ecigarette

So, how do you know what you need if you’ve never vaped before? The answer is simple. Choose a brand that’s easy to use and has a good reputation. We always recommend that new vapers begin with a traditionally styled e-cigarette, called a cigalike.  It looks and feels like a real cigarette except you can choose your preferred level of nicotine and flavor (including a variety of tobacco flavors).

We recommend you begin with medium level of nicotine such as 16mg or 18mg if you smoke a pack a day. You can always get a higher or lower level if you need to adjust your “throat hit”.

How to Succeed at Vaping Without Really Trying

Some excellent brands are Vaporfi, Mig Vapor and Apollo and you’ll find detailed information about each brand on this website.

If you want huge clouds of vapor and a wider assortment of flavors you can certainly begin with a personal vaporizer where you add your own eliquid. Keep in mind there’s a bit of a learning curve and there are quite a few styles from which to choose. The VaporFi website is good places to start.

3- Check Out the Better Business Bureau Ratings.

How to succeed at vaping

If that’s too time-consuming, check out our reviews which always take the BBB’s ratings into consideration.

4- On a Budget? Wait for the Best Prices on a Starter Kit.

Usually, you have to hold off a while for one of your prime e-cig choices to go on sale, but it’s never a long wait. Competition, even amongst the top e-cigarette companies is fierce and there are more starter kit sales than in past years. Best E-Cigarette Guide’s twitter page is a great source for finding those sales since we regularly Tweet discounts and holiday sales when they are announced.

Why buy a starter kit? You’re more likely to enjoy vaping if you have a spare battery, the right charger and spare cartridges. A good ecig starter kit will contain everything you need to succeed at vaping without really trying.

5- Get Over Your E-Cigarette Phobia

If you’ve been putting off vaping because of the news from anti-e-cigarette lobbyists, wise up. Their self-serving goal is to make you think vaping is dangerous or just not worth the effort. 

FDA regulations on e-cigarettes are on the horizon which will soon clear the air. Until then, the anti-e-cigarette campaigners will continue to attack the e-cigarette industry with non-scientific reports aimed at perpetuating agendas such as pharmaceutical sales and state funding. Don’t be seduced by fear-mongering politicians. Want to read more about it? Check out.

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Do you have additional tips for new vapers? Our readers would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. You can also Tweet your favorite tips to @bestecigguide .

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