Keeping E-Cigarette Atomizer Heads Matched with Tanks and Batteries

Last updated on November 14th, 2021

E-Cigarettes : How to Keep Them Safely Matched and Organized

Ecigarette Vaporizers and Atomizers

Keep Your Vaping Hardware Organized – Part of ECig Safe Vaping

So, you’ve become an avid collector of e-cigarettes, vaporizers and e-liquids. Perhaps like me, you’re intrigued by the latest innovation in high watt variable volt batteries, or the biggest sub-ohm tank with Temperature ControlAlthough you now have a formidable collection, chances are it’s not pristinely organized for easy access and part compatibility. Spare atomizers in particular, have a habit of getting misplaced, so they’re hard to match with the right tank.

Is It Safe to Vape Your Ecig Hardware Combination?

Some of the newer sub-ohm atomizer coils are not even compatible with many high wattage tanks and batteries. For example TC (temperature control) batteries now require nickel or titanium atomizers so using the wrong one can be dangerous.

You may even be wondering what tank goes with what battery. 

Here are Some Helpful Tips on How to Organize Your E-cigarette Collection for Safety and Convenience


As a confirmed ecig aficionado, I admit that keeping all those spare atomizer coils paired with the right tank AND the right battery is far more difficult than sorting laundry, especially if you hold on to half-used atomizers like I do. 

Those now popular sub ohm coils should ONLY be used with devices capable of handling sub ohm coils…and NEVER use any sub ohm device on an eGo battery or a device that can not handle sub ohm coils. It’s just not safe.

Atomizer/Coil Head and Tank Compatibility

While ecig and vaporizer batteries are marked with a brand name, coil heads are rarely marked. Even the most popular brands only show the ohm resistance level and even then, you have to get out a magnifying glass.

Using an incompatible atomizer coil on your tank can give you a less than perfect vape. In some cases, it can destroy your ecig. The first rule of ecig organization and safety is simple.

It’s always best to keep your atomizers in their original box and replace them before you run out.

What If You’ve Thrown Away the Original Boxes?

Whoops…this is where things get more complicated, and it can be riskier.

Check your tank or Clearomizer for the name of the manufacturer/vendor, then visit their website. Search for a replacement atomizer for your ecig model. If you find a photo, you may recognize your spare and if it fits in your tank you may choose to give it a try; however, if your vape is not as expected, or if your battery starts getting too hot, stop using it immediately and buy one from your ecig vendor’s website. The company customer service representative (or chat agent) will also confirm if your coil is compatible.

Of course, it’s always easiest to start out by purchasing an e-cigarette or vaporizer kit from the same company since the supplier’s website will always be a handy guide to get you sorted out. 

Vaporfi for example, tells you exactly which atomizer goes with each specific tank. Their atomizer section has clear photos too.

DirectVapor is a discount ecig merchant that offers extra atomizers with each tank from a drop-down menu; but it’s not as easy finding a photo of your atomizer.


In any case, you can always call the ecig company’s customer service department to confirm that your spare atomizer is safe to use with your tank and battery.

Sub ohm coils  should ONLY be used with devices capable of handling sub ohm coils…and NEVER use any sub ohm device on an eGo battery or a device that can not handle sub ohm coils. It’s just not safe.

E-Liquid Shelf Life and Proper Storage

E-liquids may improve within the first month, but they will get stale over time. It’s best to keep your ecig collection size manageable. Replace old e-juices or just throw them away. Hoarding e-liquids is a bad habit. Ask yourself if you’ll ever vape that weird violet flavored e-juice you bought on a whim 6 months ago. Even if you run out of your favorite peanut butter/banana e-liquid will you vape it just because it’s still there?

Those old e-liquids (especially cream or vanilla flavored e-liquids) may not be diacetyl free, so toss them too.

It’s also a good idea to keep sub-ohm e-liquids and higher PG e-liquids stored separately as they’re designed for specific atomizers.

Looking for a Vape Organizer? Here’s One I Found on Amazon.

Wolfteeth Vapor Case


Keep citrus, fruity and candy flavored e-liquids separate from the others. If you’re new to vaping, or even an intermediate, you may not know that some e-liquids can crack plastic tanks. That includes EVOD tanks, and all cig-alike plastic mini tanks.  If your e-liquid cracks your tank, (or if you drop it and it cracks) chuck it and buy a pyrex (glass) tank.

Always Remember To:

– Keep your compatible tanks, batteries and atomizers stored in a plastic baggie or a well-marked box. Always store e-liquids beyond the reach of children and pets.

– Look at your collection and ask yourself some key questions –

  • Do I really need that ecig part?
  • What is it anyway?
  • How old is it?

Remember, keeping your e-cigarette, vaporizer and e-liquid collection well organized will not only improve your vaping experience, it’s part of e-cigarette safety.  Happy Vaping!

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